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Best Investments for OFWs

Best Investments for OFWs feature photo -diarynigracia

Top OFW Investments to Earn Money   Overseas Filipino Workers, or OFWs, are the unsung heroes of today’s society. They work abroad to provide for the needs of their family back home. In actuality, these people make time sacrifices and confront the difficulties of working and living abroad only to support their family.   The […]

When is the Best Time to Use Your Credit Card

When is the Best Time to Use Your Credit Card -diarynigracia

Tips to Know When You Should Use Your Card on Your Purchases   Purchasing everything your eyes laid on can be very satisfying. Swiping or tapping your credit card is all it takes to bring home the awesome goodies displayed in the mall, and you can’t resist the urge to bring them to the counter. […]

Philippine Bonds for Beginners

Philippine Bonds for Beginners feature photo -diarynigracia

What to do When You Start Investing in Bonds?   Increase your revenue sources by making investments. Many financially aware Filipinos are expanding their portfolio with common investment alternatives like stocks and mutual funds. Even while investing carries some risk, many people consider the prospect of earning better returns to be worth the risk. Mins […]

Saving with GCASH

Saving with GCASH -diarynigracia

A Complete Guide to GCASH   For several years, financial services have been steadily transitioning from cash to cards to digital transactions, notably GCash. The Philippines has a lower percentage of cashless transactions compared to developed nations. The impact of the current crisis was one of the driving forces behind the adoption of cashless transactions […]

The Best E-Wallet Apps for a Cashless Lifestyle in the Philippines

The Best E-Wallet Apps for a Cashless Lifestyle in the Philippines -diarynigracia

Top 5 Mobile Wallets to Use on a Daily Basis   In the past years, since the internet has overcome our country, a lot of things have changed. We have welcomed many trends from foreign countries, innovative household items, and different gadgets; now, even our mode of payment has increased. Remember the days when our […]

Best Retirement Plan Fund in the Philippines

Best Retirement Plan Fund in the Philippines feature photo -diarynigracia

Top Plans for Your Retirement   More than seven million retirees lack the resources to meet their retirement obligations because just 20% of Filipino seniors receive either an SSS or GSIS pension. Even though it’s simple to overlook retirement while you’re a young adult, everyone should be prepared for it. This is where retirement planning […]

Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance -diarynigracia

Beginner’s Guide to Disability Insurance   The importance of life and disability insurance affects the entire family. It’s difficult to consider or plan for, but life and disability insurance might keep your family’s financial situation stable if you were to suffer a fatal or incapacitating accident or illness that prevented you from earning an income […]

Rewards in every purchase; Rewards Credit Card

Rewards in every purchase; Rewards Credit Card -diarynigracia

5 Best Credit Cards to Earn Reward Points   From being a status symbol, credit cards are now considered a necessity since the country has adopted a cashless mode of payment. The trend of online shopping and e-wallets contributed to the use of the online payment, and almost everyone now has a financial tool to […]

Investing for your Retirement: A Guide

Investing for your Retirement A Guide feature photo -diarynigracia

Why Should You Consider Investing In Your Retirement   At what age you want to retire is not the question. It is what income do you want to retire at? The process of planning for retirement involves many steps and changes over time. You must create the financial cushion that will cover everything if you […]

Love Online shopping, but do you want to save? Try these hacks!

Love Online shopping, but do you want to save Try these hacks! -diarynigracia

Voucher Lover’s Guide to Online Shipping     The way of life in modern times has changed. People find it time-consuming and uncomfortable to visit crowded markets. E-shopping is thus a blessing because it saves a lot of time. Online shopping refers to a procedure where customers use the Internet to directly purchase goods, services, […]

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