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Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance -diarynigracia

Beginner’s Guide to Disability Insurance   The importance of life and disability insurance affects the entire family. It’s difficult to consider or plan for, but life and disability insurance might keep your family’s financial situation stable if you were to suffer a fatal or incapacitating accident or illness that prevented you from earning an income…

How can I protect my business Ideas?

How can I protect my business Ideas -diarynigracia

PROTECT WHAT YOU OWN   The term “intellectual property” refers to whatever you develop and want to release to the world. Intellectual property rights are the measures you may take to safeguard your creative ideas from being replicated or stolen and claimed as their own by a third party. Protecting your intellectual property may be…

Personality Test Before Entering Business

Personality Test Before Entering Business -diarynigracia

THE ROAD TO SUCCESS IS KNOWING YOURSELF   Frequently, personality tests are used to obtain insight into the identities and motivations of individuals. From an employer’s viewpoint, knowing a prospective recruit’s personality may throw light on their work style and how well they may fit into the company’s work culture.   For small business owners,…

Common Mistakes When Starting a Business

Common Mistakes When Starting a Business -diarynigracia

AVOID THESE MISTAKES IN STARTING A BUSINESS   As a new business owner, it’s crucial to remember that not every business effort succeeds. If you don’t take the time to undertake the correct kind of preparation and investigation, your firm is guaranteed to fail. While being excited and motivated is crucial, ensuring you do everything…

Government-backed loans during the pandemic

Government-backed loans during the pandemic -diarynigracia

THE GOVERNMENT GOT YOU COVERED   From overseas workers to small enterprises, the epidemic threatens the livelihoods of many. The government has provided many lending options to assist Filipinos in regaining their footing. Under Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and Small Business Corporation (SB Corp), the Bayanihan CARES initiative seeks to assist MSMEs, OFWs,…

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