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Retirement Investment for OFWs

Retirement Investment feature photo -diarynigracia

Planning for Your (OFW) Retirement   It’s vital to have a strategy for your retirement, whether you intend to retire abroad or return to the Philippines after you resign. After working abroad, many OFWs return home to the Philippines to spend time with their relatives. You are free to follow suit or choose something different….

Wedding Church Venue

Where the Wedding Bells Ring

5 #ChurchVenue Where the Wedding Bells Ring “The perfect spot for your big day.”   Selecting a church is such a personal task. A couple should get married, not just in any church. Marriage is a momentous and a very sacred sacrament. It’s right to pick a special venue. Many decisions should be made not…

Wedding Time and Date

Your best time of the year.

4 #TimeAndDate “Your best time of the year.”   Now that the kind of wedding – church or civil, priorities and budget had been set, it’s now time to decide about the date. Sometimes, choosing a date for the wedding can be a little stressful. Maraming bagay ang nagiging dahilan ng mga couples in picking…

Budgeting Your Dream Wedding Day

Plan, Plan, Plan

3 #B-U-D-G-E-T = DreamWeddingDay “Plan, Plan, Plan”   A BUDGET is the amount of money set aside for or assigned to a specific set of expenses. The budget is one of the first things to consider in any event. It will serve as the starting point for your wedding planning. Kaya ang unang dapat ay…

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