Reminiscing part of my younger life..

I have always believed that affection, particularly love, must be given every day, even in the simplest gesture. This may be love for our family, for our friends. It doesn’t always have to be romantic love.

However, this “Love Month” as February is popularly known, I want to write about part of my memory-filled past, my younger days J

My visit to Binangonan in the province of Rizal, shortly an hour away from the city, brought back pleasant memories of my young life and I even had the chance to meet in person, another Filipina blogger, Ms. Myla Villanueva-Okinari. Mam Myla and I have always tried to support each other in our writings.

It has been years since I’ve been to Binangonan. The open spaces before have now been turned into commercial establishments and the seemingly sleepy town has now become, well, quite busy. Development has been good for the town folks.

As I passed the familiar road, seeing that familiar house partially worn out by the years, I couldn’t help but smile. This was the house of my, well, first love, or should I say, “puppy love”. He was a bit popular back in high school, athletic and I was just a bookworm. He introduced a feeling much more exciting than reading my books. It was inspiring then and I am thankful for that episode of my life.

College came and my family moved to another province. It was a whole new different life and the distance between us, saying goodbye became inevitable. It hurt yes, but tolerable, and I became very busy.

But there was one person from Binangonan whom I haven’t lost touch with, no matter what happened with our lives.  She was a constant friend and truly sweet. It was nice seeing her again. Karen Best.

Those were the younger days.




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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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