Kabayan contemplates about a Qatar job offer

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@tranquilizer would like to know first hand information about a hospital from where she has a job offer.

Question: Hello Ms. Amor ; I would like to ask if it is alright to work at Al Esraa Medical Center in Doha, Qatar? I have a job offer there but one time, I read about some negative feedback about the working conditions. I would like to know the truth so I may decide on what to do. Please help me.

diarynigracia says: Hi @ tranquilizer. Sometimes, it is really quite confusing to believe or not the feed backs we read about a certain company or employer. Let’s just hope that someone from Qatar who has a reliable information on the subject, will be able to read this blog and be of help to you. Keep the Faith and Good Luck! Thank you, kabayan!



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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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