Hala February 2015!

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It's my "nth" Hala February here in Kuwait and I still get excited each year!
It’s my “nth” Hala February here in Kuwait and I still get excited each year!

With all the rejoicing on the streets, the merry making, donning of Kuwait flag color garments, face paints, children’s toys, vehicles bearing white, green, black and red colors, festive balloons at the airport, parade at Gulf Road, air show of Kuwaiti pilots, today is Hala February 25!

So what will I do today? Where will I go? This is the “nth” Kuwait National Day celebration for me. Although every year there is always something new to look forward to as prepared by the Kuwaiti government when it comes to dazzle and spectacle, I choose…to stay in my room and take my much needed rest.

Sleep and rest are both very precious to me and with my favorite classics in music I can ease up my mind and clear away my thoughts. I think I will take a trip down the grocery store nearby to buy fruits and vegetables. Diet today!



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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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