Dreams Do Come True

My book is one of my dreams coming true.
My book about OFW bloggers is one of my dreams coming true.

Dreams do come true…but only with hard work, patience, determination and the most important of all – Faith in the Almighty so He will direct your ways.

The long wait is over for one my dreams coming true; to see my first book published. After years of preparation, The Global Filipino Bloggers Slambook OFW Edition is now out on amazon.

Pls click here  The-Global-Filipino-Bloggers-Slambook

It was not a steady uphill climb that some people thought it will never be realized. I do not blame them for thinking that way. I prayed, hoped and believed that Someone up There has better plans that what I had in mind. All is well now for me because the book has been produced.

Being an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) is an honor – with all the sacrifices we have to endure just to support our loved ones. Being an OFW blogger is gratifying because we know, apart from our primary work, we are able to touch lives.


Introducing The Global Filipino Bloggers Slambook OFW Edition.
Introducing The Global Filipino Bloggers Slambook OFW Edition.

My sincerest thank you goes to all OFW blogger participants for their contribution to The Global Filipino Bloggers Slambook OFW Edition. Your answers to the slambook are lessons to be learned from and get inspiration for those who wish to blog soon.


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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor

9 thoughts on “Dreams Do Come True

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    Aaron says:

    As a member of the TGFB group, I am proud and glad that finally, they have published their own product on amazon. Hoping for more products and success!

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    Raquel says:

    Wow, this is an interesting book to read. As myself, most of my dreams do come true. I remember my aunt told me if I keep dreaming and never forget about my dreams and plans in life it will realize.

  3. Avatar
    PinayDiaspora says:

    Hi Gracia,

    Mabrooq! 🙂 I’m excited to get my hands on this book! More power to you and to all OFW Bloggers worldwide!

    PinayDiaspora 🙂

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