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Sir Don Prades, one of American University of Kuwait's finest educators.
Sir Don Prades, one of American University of Kuwait’s finest.

Kuwait has given me different learning experiences from diverse people and all of those help me grow each day. Patience, hard work and determination were among the important factors that made The Global Filipino Bloggers Slam book – OFW Edition possible.

Requesting and seeking for a book review is not a whistle moment too. Some declined for some reason, and I understood. How grateful I am for someone like Sir Don Prades, one of American University of Kuwait’s finest, to review my first book.

Sir Don, Thank You for giving time for the book review even if you were on vacation during that time. Your kind words and understanding of the necessity of my situation gave me strength amidst difficulties and pressure. Thank You for being an example of an accomplished person who has the heart for OFW bloggers like myself and the book contributors. God bless.


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