New normal changes in life insurance

Two things discovered

New normal changes in life insurance

New normal changes in life insurance

Two things discovered

As the pandemic went on, the AXA company thought about two things they saw. The first was that we could no longer rely solely on face-to-face encounters for safety reasons. The second point was that Filipinos often lack insurance knowledge and understanding. Many of them are just aware of life insurance and that one must die for people to profit from it.

To address these two concerns, we have significantly expanded our digital presence and our digital capabilities. We decided to engage Filipinos in the digital realm for the following reasons: it is where people consume material; it is their communication place; it provides Filipino’s comfort, convenience, and safety—plus they know how to traverse it very well.

Emma by AXA PH is our award-winning insurance app where clients can get advice on which products are best for them. They may use Emma to make purchases, pay premiums, examine their benefits, use telemedicine, contact emergency services, and even file claims. Emma is usually recognized as the country’s best of its sort. It is the first step in resolving the problem of underinsurance. Filipinos must vow to eradicate underinsurance and, eventually, the terrible repercussions that sufficient insurance may help avert.

It is good to have something on which we may rely confidently throughout these difficult circumstances.



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