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Nowadays, a smartphone can be used to accomplish some fantastic things. You can instantly search for anything online, talk to anyone on the globe, and play music whenever you want.


The e-wallet is a more recent and significant technological advancement in this area, and the Philippines is already familiar with it, thanks to GCash. GCash is an app you can download on any device, be it a smartphone or a tablet, and is arguably a household name for easy electronic transactions. Wherever you are, you may use it to transfer or receive money, pay bills, and buy goods and services.

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GCash has facilitated financial transactions for its 33 million registered customers so far. And with more than 73,000 partner businesses in the nation, it has contributed to a change in how Filipinos conduct business.



With the addition of GInvest, the nation’s top mobile wallet powered by Globe, you may now invest for as little as Php50 with no commission or sales costs. Does it operate? Does it merit it? Here is a summary of GInvest’s information.



What is GInvest?

There are countless partners in the ecosystem of GCash, some of which offer investment goods. GInvest, the investment marketplace for GCash, may allow you to invest in various investment products made available by financial partners. You can invest your money with GInvest by purchasing, selling, and holding financial securities.


You can invest in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds from different financial institutions using GInvest. Keep in mind that depending on the investment and the provider, minimum investment requirements and management fees can be imposed. Before investing in any available funds, do your homework on numerous investment elements.


How to Invest in GInvest?

Utilizing the service is simple because it is already included in the GCash app; it works somewhat similarly to other apps in that you fill out forms and then tap, tap, tap. Simply being fully verified on GCash is required to use the service.


Simply search the app for the GInvest icon. You’ll be required to complete a test to determine your risk tolerance and “investment personality.” Along with your level of comfort with investing money, questions concerning your income and frequency of investing will be asked of you.


It’s up to you how you want to invest; you can do it whichever suits your risk tolerance. Bonds and local money market funds have an investment minimum of P50, while the global funds (Global Tech Feeder Fund and Global Consumer Fund) have an investment minimum of P1,000.

How to apply for a GInvest account?

See the detailed instructions for opening a GInvest account.


  1. Open and Log in to your Gcash account.
  2. Tap GInvest. If GInvest isn’t already there, look for it under Financial Services in the dashboard’s ‘show more’ portion.
  3. To begin the registration procedure, select “Proceed.”
  4. Select your response by tapping the available option.
  5. Confirm if you are a U.S. person or not, then read the terms and conditions and check the box to indicate your agreement.
  6. To complete your registration, tap “Confirm.”
  7. On the screen will appear the User Agreement: GInvest Terms and Conditions. After reading, check to see if you concur.
  8. A confirmation page containing the results of your risk profile assessment will be shown if you accept. You’ve completed the registration process.
  9. Following that, you will get a text message and an email verifying your GInvest registration.


Risk Profile

Financial market investing is always risky to some extent. The degree of risk a person is ready to accept while investing is known as their risk profile or risk appetite. This is based on user responses to the Risk Profile Questionnaire, according to GCash. Each fund has a unique risk rating as well. These guidelines help investors select funds based on their needs and financial goals.

Net Asset Value per Unit (NAVPU)

The unit cost of a fund is known as the Net Asset Value Per Unit, or NAVPU. According to GCash, the formula is calculated by dividing the fund’s total value by the number of units it owns. NAVPU may rise or fall each day, according to GCash, based on the fund’s market performance.

GInvest Funds

Five investment funds are now offered by GInvest.

  • ATRAM Peso Money Market Fund: This fixed-income fund is situated in the Philippines.
  • ATRAM Total Return Peso Bond Fund: This fund holds a range of Philippine corporate and governmental bonds.
  • ATRAM Philippine Equity Smart Index Fund: This fund exclusively invests in 30 of the PSEi index’s constituent businesses.
  • ATRAM Global Technology Feeder Fund: This fund only invests in the stock of technology businesses.
  • ATRAM Global Consumer Trends Feer Fund: This fund only invests in stocks by the preferences of specific consumers.


View the GInvest funds’ minimum investment requirements and risk level below.


FundFund Risk RatingMin Buy AmountMin Sell Amount
ATRAM Peso Money Market FundConservativePHP 50PHP 50
ATRAM Total Return Peso Bond FundModeratePHP 50PHP 50
ATRAM Philippine Equity Smart Index FundAggressivePHP 50PHP 50
ATRAM Global Technology Feeder FundAggressivePHP 1,000PHP 1,000
ATRAM Global Consumer Trends Feer FundAggressivePHP 1,000PHP 1,000

GInvest Fees

There are no transaction fees with GCash. This indicates that no fees are associated with placing a purchase or sell order on the platform.


On top of the overall investments, the partner providers of Gcash do impose a small annual management fee. The market value of your investments and the daily NAVPU are automatically calculated to include this fee.


Please refer to the list of different costs below:


Fund NameAnnual Trust Fee
ATRAM Global Technology Feeder Fund1.15%
ATRAM Global Consumer Trends Feer Fund1.15%
ATRAM Philippine Equity Smart Index Fund1.50%
ATRAM Peso Money Market Fund0.50%
ATRAM Total Return Peso Bond Fund1.10%
Philippine Stock Index Fund1.00%
ALFM Global Multi-asset Income Fund1.00%


How to Buy and Sell Funds?

Buy order

  1. Tap GInvest. If you can not find GInvest, look for it under Financial Services in the dashboard’s ‘show more’ portion.
  2. Press the View Investment Products button.
  3. Choose the investment product you want, then click View Details.
  4. Tap “Buy.”
  5. Select “Next” after entering your desired quantity.
  6. Select “Confirm” after accepting the terms and conditions.
  7. The confirmation of your order will then appear.

Sell order

  1. Tap GInvest. If you can not find GInvest, look for it under Financial Services in the dashboard’s ‘show more’ portion.
  2. Press the View Investment Products button.
  3. By pressing view details, you can choose the fund in which you have investments.
  4. Tap “Sell.”
  5. Select “Next” after entering the selling price.
  6. Select “Confirm” after you have accepted the terms and conditions.


The amount that users can contribute to the GInvest funds is unrestricted. However, your Buy Orders are subject to the GCash outgoing transaction restrictions.


Is GInvest Safe?

There is no completely safe investment. But remember that you should only invest based on your risk tolerance. Peso cost averaging, which entails consistently contributing a fixed amount regularly and holding onto your investment for at least seven years, is recommended if you invest in GInvest.


Here are two things to consider if we’re discussing safety in terms of risk investment:


You use the service to attempt and increase our financial resources. But it’s crucial to remember that investing is very similar to gambling. You invest your money in an area that could increase, decrease, or remain the same.


It’s probably true if someone promises you a guaranteed return for an amount that appears too good to be true.


The phrase “The larger the risk, the higher the reward” is also well-known in the financial world. However, the risk is the word that has to be highlighted. You won’t regret it if you don’t take a chance if you don’t think your heart can handle it. As they often say, only invest what you can afford to lose because there is a potential that things won’t work out as planned.


In light of that (and as a result of advice from regional personal finance bloggers), I’ve come up with a new strategy to test the effectiveness of this investment platform. I’ve been doing the following.


How to Redeem the Fund in GInvest?

You are selling your orders when you withdraw your Gcash investments. Follow these steps to sell your orders:


  1. Click on “see investment products” on the GInvest Dashboard.
  2. By pressing see details, you can choose the fund in which you have investments.
  3. Select “Sell.”
  4. After entering your desired selling price, select “Next.”
  5. You only need to affirm that you consent to sell your shares in a User Agreement that will appear and display the Redemption or Sell Order Disclaimer.
  6. After that, you’ll reach the confirmation page.


Your Sell Order will be confirmed through text message. The transaction won’t be finished for eight (8) business days, so be patient. You may track your order using a link.


Fund NameAllocation Date (NAVPU/Final Prices Availability)Overall Processing Time (Final Crediting to Gcash Wallet)
ATRAM Global Consumer Trends Feer Fund2 Business Days4 Business Days
ATRAM Global Technology Feeder Fund3 Business Days5 Business Days
ATRAM Peso Money Market Fund3 Business Days6 Business Days
ATRAM Philippine Equity Smart Index Fund4 Business Days8 Business Days
ATRAM Total Return Peso Bond Fund4 Business Days8 Business Days
Philippine Stock Index Fund3 Business Days6 Business Days
ALFM Global Multi-asset Income Fund4 Business Days8 Business Days


You can contact the Gcash help center and prepare the following information if you haven’t gotten your money after the processing period has passed:


  • GCash number
  • Amount of redemption
  • Transaction number (as visible on SMS from 2882)
  • Order number (if available)


Selling your funds will allow you to recover your investment quickly. Nevertheless, depending on which fund you sell, it can take a few days for the money to be paid to your GCash account.


Benefits and Drawbacks of GInvest

Benefits of GInvest

  • It is inexpensive. For local bond and equity funds, the minimum investment is P50; for funds that invest in overseas corporations, the minimum investment is P1,000.
  • It’s practical. Having a verified GCash account is the only prerequisite for using GInvest. Additionally, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • You can use GInvest without downloading and installing a separate software because it is integrated inside GCash.
  • Since it was integrated into the GCash app, all your transactions are current. Every transaction will be confirmed through text message, allowing you to track all your orders at once.
  • No costs. When you purchase or sell funds, GInvest does not currently charge any transaction fees. The catch is that GInvest’s partners charge an annual management fee, which is calculated and included in your assets’ market value and daily net asset value per unit (NAVPU). When you trade stocks, it’s comparable to the broker’s commission.

Drawbacks of GInvest

  • The time spent waiting. The time it takes for an order to appear in your account is three to four banking days.
  • Unless you manually calculate it, you cannot see how many units you now hold.
  • GInvest cannot be accessed if GCash is unavailable.


Final Remarks

GInvest has offered flexible alternatives for many investors, although the majority of investment plans call for a minimum of P5,000 to P10,000 of investment. As a result, only skilled or financially literate people should invest. The level of risk you’re willing to take with GInvest is unrestricted. Furthermore, there are dangers associated with all investments. However, thanks to its straightforward user interface and informative platform, investing is now a far less frightening endeavor to start. You may now become an investor with just a few clicks!



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