Frenel Gene G. Parcia: Journey to Success in the Special Professional Licensure Examination (SPLE) 2023 Interview

April 2023 Special Professional Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers Board Passer: An Interview with Frenel Gene G. Parcia

We delve into the experiences and insights of a successful SPLE (Special Professional Licensure Examination) passer. Frenel Gene G. Parcia, who has faced various challenges, shares valuable lessons and strategies for preparing and excelling in the exam. This serves as an inspiration for anyone aspiring to achieve professional success through determination, hard work, and faith.

Here’s an up close and personal interview with Frenel Gene G. Parcia:

How do you feel about receiving the news that you passed the board exam?

She described the feeling of passing the board exam as a mix of emotions that are difficult to explain.

Have you received such recognition before? Please give details.

Having been one of the top students during college, receiving recognition was normal. However, being among the board passers was something truly pride-worthy.

What is your job here in Kuwait? How long have you been OFW?

She is currently working as a medical receptionist with 15 years of experience and has been an OFW for 18 years.

Who do you attribute your success to?

Success is attributed to Almighty God, the unwavering support of the family (especially from the husband, son, and daughter), and fulfilling the dream of the late father, who highly valued education.

Who has inspired you to take up SPLE?

She was inspired by her father, who passed away in 2019. During his necrological service, she realized how her father valued education and wanted to pass on his legacy.

What were the reactions of your family to this board’s passing?

They were very happy and proud.

To what extent was TSOK helpful in your success story?

TSOK helped her a lot, especially during the submission of credentials, making the process easier, and providing valuable guidance. She is so thankful for TSOK, especially to its officers.

What is your plan for the future or your dream after passing this exam?

She’s planning to pursue her Master’s degree in Business Administration and build her own school. This way, she can provide high-quality education to the less fortunate in the future.

Is this your first licensure exam? Do you plan on taking other exams, and what would it be?

This is her second exam, and there are no plans to take any other exams.

What message would you like to give to the upcoming board exam taker?

For the upcoming board exam takers, study with critical thinking. It’s not about memorization but analyzing the questions. Allocate at least 3 continuous days for studying, such as for General Education, and then another 3 days for Professional Education and your major. To answer questions, you need to analyze and understand the distractor. LET questions are tricky. Nowadays, you can find LET exam tips on YouTube. Dedicate at least 2 hours of your time to study every day. If you are already tired, take a break, and when you’re ready, study again. Being a working mom is very challenging, and time management is essential.

How did you know about the SPLE?

She learned about the SPLE from Ms. Gracia.

When did you decide to apply: after graduation or after finding a job? Why?

The decision to take the exam was made in 2019, almost 14 years after graduating from college. She was already working. For her, it wasn’t that important right after graduation since she was already employed.

What did you expect from the SPLE regarding the content of the exam? How different is it from college entrance exams?

The SPLE is more challenging because it covers a very broad range of topics, especially for her as a Social Science major. College entrance exams are easier as they focus on general information.

What questions were easy to answer (e.g., solving, logical reasoning, abstract reasoning)?

She found logical and abstract reasoning questions easy to answer.

Did you attend a review center? Which review center? (a.) If yes, how did it affect your preparation for the SPLE? (b.) If not, how did you prepare for the exam in terms of resources and review materials?  

She attended Mr. Melvin and CBRC for the final coaching, finding it helpful in providing techniques for answering questions and broadening her understanding.

How many of the things you reviewed appeared in the exam?

She can’t remember exactly, but for General Education, she found it relatively easy—almost 60%. For Professional Education, it was around 40%, and for her major (Social Science), it was about 50%.

How many weeks or months did you prepare for the exam?

She prepared and studied for one month exactly before the exam. Ideally, she should have studied for two months to gain more knowledge.

How much did preparing for the exam cost you? Is it worth it?

Preparing for the exam was affordable and cost-effective. It was definitely worth it.

Do you have a daily study routine? (a.) If yes, what is your daily routine, especially the specific time you study? (b.) If not, how did you manage your time, especially for reviewing?  

She had a daily study routine, studying for a minimum of 2 hours each day.

How did you balance your work and review? How did you manage your time?

Balancing family, work, and study was a big challenge. She would wake up at 7 AM and study while her daughter had her class until 9 AM. Then, from 9 AM to 12 PM, she would do her household chores. From 1 PM to 9 PM, she was working, and if she had free time, she would watch YouTube videos to study. She was fortunate that her work provided enough vacant time for her to study.

How did the SPLE affect your time with family and work?

Adjustments were made in family time, especially for outings. Work remained consistent.

Did you have any strategies in studying for the exam that helped you understand your notes better?

She employed critical thinking and mnemonic techniques to enhance understanding of notes.

What difficulties did you face in preparing for the exam? How did you better remember complex terms and lessons? Did you improve your memory in any way?

She didn’t encounter significant difficulties since most information is readily available on the internet.

How stressed were you in preparing for the exam? How did you manage your stress?

She didn’t force herself to study; if she did, she wouldn’t learn effectively. She would take a pause or a break, sometimes going for a walk near the seaside.

Have you procrastinated on your review? How did you manage procrastination? How did you motivate yourself?

She procrastinated many times. When that happened, she would double the time for her review to catch up.

How important is preparing for the SPLE (or other exams)? Can you say that you are well prepared? How so?

It’s crucial to prepare for the SPLE (or any other exams). She can confidently say that she was well-prepared because it opened up new opportunities and marked a significant achievement in her professional journey.

How did you act during the exam? What were your thoughts during the exam?

During the exam, she would pray and keep herself relaxed. There was nothing to be afraid of.

Where did you gain the strength that helped you pass the exam?

I drew strength from God and sought His divine guidance and protection.

Did you search for and use guides and tips in your preparation? How effective were they?

She searched for and used guides and tips in her preparation, and they were effective since she successfully passed the board exam.

How did passing the exam benefit you in terms of your work, your life, your family, and yourself?

Overall, passing the exam was another significant achievement that I’m proud of, benefiting not only my work but also my life, my family, and myself.


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