Liezle Bo-ok Quitiol: Journey to Success in the Special Professional Licensure Examination (SPLE) 2023 Interview

April 2023 Special Professional Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers Board Passer: An Interview with Liezle Bo-ok Quitiol

Liezle Bo-ok Quitiol, a triumphant TSOK (Teachers Specialists in Kuwait) board passer, shares her journey of preparing for and conquering the SPLE.

Here’s an up close and personal interview with Liezle Bo-ok Quitiol:

How do you feel about receiving the news that you passed the board exam?

She expressed happiness upon receiving the news of passing the board exam. It was a moment of self-fulfillment that brought a sense of accomplishment.

Have you received such recognition before? Please give details.

She had received normal recognition awards in the past, including being Top 1, Top 2, and honor roll recognition during grade school and high school. However, passing the board exam held a unique significance for her.

What is your job here in Kuwait? How long have you been OFW?

She has been an Assistant Teacher in Kuwait for seven years.

Who do you attribute your success to?

She attributed her success to her family.

Who has inspired you to take up SPLE?

Her family in the Philippines and friends who pursued teaching careers in Kuwait inspired her to take the exam.

What were the reactions of your family to this board’s passing?

Her family was happy and believed in her abilities even after 18 years since her graduation.

To what extent was TSOK helpful in your success story?

TSOK was helpful to the extent that self-fulfillment in earning the teaching license was considered. It’s the priceless reward for past hardships and struggles in finishing the 4-Year course of BSIE/Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education, majoring in Architectural Drafting. This subject required expensive materials used throughout the years. Earning a living for your family or being away from your native land, the Philippines, where you’ve graduated from, is possible.

What is your plan for the future or your dream after passing this exam?

She plans to shift to the teaching profession in Kuwait or any other country due to the significant differences in workload and salary range. She gained rewarding experience from part-time teaching during summer vacation in Kuwait.

Is this your first licensure exam? Do you plan on taking other exams, and what would it be?

The SPLE was her first licensure exam since graduating in 2005. She is considering taking a Civil Engineering course aligned with her major and possibly pursuing another board exam.

What message would you like to give to the upcoming board exam taker?

Before making any plans, put God first. Keep in mind that learning is a continuous process, and opportunities are always given to those who know how to wait in hope. Keep learning new things, reading to feed your hungry brain, and make the time productive and useful for personal growth and contribution to your family, community, and society, as God wants us to be.

How did you know about the SPLE?

She learned about SPLE through a choir member, Josephine Caturas, who informed her about the possibility of earning a teaching license in Kuwait through TSOK.

When did you decide to apply: after graduation or after finding a job? Why?

She decided to apply after finding a job in Kuwait. Having graduated many years earlier, she initially planned to take the board exam in the Philippines but discovered the opportunity in Kuwait while already working.

What did you expect from the SPLE regarding the content of the exam? How different is it from college entrance exams?

She found the exam significantly different from college entrance exams. While entrance exams focus on transitioning to tertiary education, the Teachers Board Exam assesses critical thinking through situational problems based on four years of study.

What questions did you find easy to answer (e.g. solving, logical reasoning, abstract reasoning)?

She found logical reasoning questions easier to answer as they involved critical thinking in actual situations.

Did you attend a review center? Which review center? (a.) If yes, how did it affect your preparation for the SPLE? (b.) If not, how did you prepare for the exam in terms of resources and review materials?  

She did not attend a review center due to scheduling conflicts. Instead, she engaged in self-review using printed materials to maximize her time supporting her family and managing financial responsibilities.

How many of the things you reviewed appeared in the exam?

About 50 percent of the reading materials from her self-review appeared in the actual exam.

How many weeks or months did you prepare for the exam?

She prepared for three months, dedicating an hour each day for focused studying.

How much did preparing for the exam cost you? Is it worth it?

The cost included registration fees and printed reading materials, which she deemed more than worthwhile.

Do you have a daily study routine? (a.) If yes, what is your daily routine, especially the specific time you study? (b.) If not, how did you manage your time, especially for reviewing?  

She incorporated reading into her free time, especially after work. One week before the exam, she dedicated an hour each day for focused reading, often accompanied by deep-focus instrumental music.

How did you balance your work and review? How did you manage your time?

Setting goals helped her balance work and review. She utilized free time for reading, whether relaxing, during breaks at work, or commuting. She also prioritized full study sessions before the exam.

How did the SPLE affect your time with family and work?

Liezle’s family understood the importance of her exam preparation and supported her by minimizing disturbances during study sessions.

Did you have any strategies in studying for the exam that helped you understand your notes better?

She practiced self-assessment after reading, focusing on understanding clue words in questions. Her reading hobby and enjoyment of music contributed to her ability to absorb and retain information.

What difficulties did you face in preparing for the exam? How did you better remember complex terms and lessons? Did you improve your memory in any way?

Computation posed a challenge for her, particularly due to the absence of a calculator during the exam. Topics such as Electricity, Entrepreneurs, Cost and Estimating, and Woodwork presented difficulties.

How stressed were you in preparing for the exam? How did you manage your stress?

To manage stress, she attended mass, served in the church choir, and offered everything to God. Believing in the rewards of hard work and maintaining a positive mindset were crucial aspects of her stress management.

Have you procrastinated on your review? How did you manage procrastination? How did you motivate yourself?

She occasionally procrastinated due to work demands but found motivation in her reading hobby and serving in the church choir. Earning more with the teaching license also served as a motivational factor.

How important is preparing for the SPLE (or other exams)? Can you say that you are well prepared? How so?

While she acknowledges not being extremely well-prepared, she succeeded through God’s grace. She emphasizes the significance of setting aside dedicated time for review and consistently reading relevant materials.

How did you act during the exam? What were your thoughts during the exam?

She faced a challenge during the exam when she forgot her reading glasses. Despite answering with blurry vision initially, she eventually arranged for someone to bring her glasses for the major part of the exam.

Where did you gain the strength that helped you pass the exam?

Her strength stemmed from her prayers, emphasizing that success might elude individuals even with extensive review and resources if it’s not their time.

Did you search for and use guides and tips in your preparation? How effective were they?

She found it effective to allocate dedicated time for review, read possible questions, and seek insights from friends. Staying positive and offering plans and wishes to God were integral to her preparation.

How did passing the exam benefit you in terms of your work, your life, your family, and yourself?

Passing the exam added to my sense of self-fulfillment and credibility. It improved my status at work and brought pride to my family.


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