In Conversation with Rolinda Tecson: A Glimpse into TSOK Leadership

Rolinda Tecson

Rolinda Tecson
“Beyond Duty: Inspiring Leadership in Action”


Rolinda Echavez Tecson is an experienced and professional individual with a background in education and marketing. Born on September 27, 1968, in Digos City, Philippines, she resides in Hawaly, Kuwait. She holds a Bachelor of Secondary Education with a major in TLE from the Southern Philippines Agri-business and Marine School of Technology. Her journey also includes secondary education at Holy Cross of Malita and elementary education at Mariano Peralta Elementary School.

Rolinda possesses a diverse set of skills, including proficiency in sales and marketing, teaching, and culinary abilities such as baking and cooking. Her work experience includes a role as an Assistant Teacher at Little Land Nursery School in Faiha, Kuwait, starting in November 2010. She later served as a Sales and Marketing Associate in the Uniform Department at The Universal American School in Kuwait from June 2011 to 2018. Since 2018, Rolinda has been engaged in production and quality control roles, showcasing her expertise and professionalism in various fields.


Here’s an up close and personal interview with Rolinda Echavez Tecson:

How do officers of TSOK collaborate and work together to achieve the organization’s goals?

In TSOK, our officers collaborate in a seamless and dynamic manner to achieve the organization’s lofty goals. We have a well-defined structure that encourages teamwork and synergy. Committees work in tandem, sharing information and insights, which allows us to harness the collective knowledge and expertise of our diverse team. Furthermore, we utilize advanced communication tools and platforms that facilitate real-time collaboration, ensuring that officers can work together efficiently no matter where they are located. Regular meetings, brainstorming sessions, and cross-committee projects create a culture of cooperation, enabling us to achieve our organization’s mission.

How does TSOK promote teamwork and collaboration among its officers?

TSOK places a strong emphasis on promoting teamwork and collaboration among its officers. We have a variety of initiatives and practices that encourage cooperation. For example, we host monthly team-building workshops and retreats, which allow officers to bond and develop strong working relationships. In addition, we have a mentorship program in place where experienced officers mentor newcomers, helping them integrate into the organization and fostering a sense of unity.

TSOK also recognizes outstanding collaborative efforts with awards and recognition, which motivates officers to work together and share their knowledge and ideas. Finally, we maintain open lines of communication with regular feedback sessions and suggestions for improvement, creating an environment that values teamwork and collaboration as essential components of our success.

Can you provide insights into the relationship between officers and the leadership team within TSOK?

The relationship between TSOK’s officers and the leadership team is characterized by a spirit of mutual respect, cooperation, and transparency. Our leadership team is dedicated to supporting and empowering our officers to achieve our organization’s goals. They provide guidance, mentorship, and strategic direction, ensuring that our officers are well-equipped to carry out their responsibilities.

The leadership team also values input from the officers, actively seeking their feedback and ideas. We hold regular meetings and open forums where officers can express their thoughts and concerns, creating a collaborative and inclusive decision-making process.

In turn, officers respect the leadership team’s experience and vision, working closely with them to implement the organization’s strategic initiatives. This synergy between the officers and the leadership team is a key driver of our success in fulfilling TSOK’s mission and objectives.



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