Sharipa Jamad Aksa: Journey to Success in the Special Professional Licensure Examination (SPLE) 2023 Interview

Sharipa Jamad Aksa: Journey to Success in the Special Professional Licensure Examination (SPLE) 2023 Interview
April 2023 Special Professional Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers Board Passer: An Interview with Sharipa Jamad Aksa

Sharipa Jamad Aksa, a triumphant TSOK (Teachers Specialists Organization in Kuwait) board passer, shares her journey of preparing for and conquering the SPLE.

Here’s an up close and personal interview with Sharipa Jamad Aksa:

How do you feel about receiving the news that you passed the board exam?

In receiving the news of passing the board exam, Sharipa Jamad Aksa initially couldn’t believe it. The revelation was met with a mix of disbelief and joy, leading to tears of happiness. She considered it a culmination of her sacrifices, efforts, and sleepless nights, and expressed gratitude for the answered prayer.

Have you received such recognition before? Please give details.

This marks Sharipa’s first recognition in a licensure exam, specifically the LET, which she took as her only board exam.

What is your job here in Kuwait? How long have you been OFW?

As an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Kuwait, she has been working as a Domestic Worker since June 29, 2016. Her seven-year journey in Kuwait has been with the same employer due to their kindness, making it challenging to find a job in the Philippines.

Who do you attribute your success to?

She attributes her success to her family, considering them the primary motivation for her hard work and decision to work in Kuwait. Her goal was not only personal but also aimed at supporting her family back home.

Who has inspired you to take up SPLE?

The inspiration to take the Special Professional Licensure Examination (SPLE) came from a high school friend who shared the success story of a cousin who took the exam abroad. This revelation prompted her to explore the SPLE, leading her to apply online and inquire at the embassy with the help of officers’ contact information.

What were the reactions of your family to this board’s passing?

In terms of family reactions to her passing the board, she initially kept her decision to retake the exam a secret, wanting to surprise them with the positive outcome. The surprise was met with joy and pride from her family, marking the fulfillment of her goal and the end of her board exam journey.

To what extent was TSOK helpful in your success story?

She expresses deep gratitude to TSOK, considering the organization a crucial factor in her success story. She acknowledges the significant role played by TSOK, providing support, inspiration, and a sense of family in Kuwait. She believes that TSOK, with its founders, has contributed to the success of many aspiring teachers and will continue to do so in the future.

What is your plan for the future or your dream after passing this exam?

Looking ahead, she plans to apply through SPIMS to return home for good and reunite with her family. She aims to teach in her hometown, a place she dearly misses.

Is this your first licensure exam? Do you plan on taking other exams, and what would it be?

This was her first licensure exam, and she has no plans to take additional exams in the future.

What message would you like to give to the upcoming board exam taker?

My advice to future teachers is to set your goals first and write them down where you can see them every day. Work hard, study hard, and give your best. If you want something, give it your 110%. There’s always a way to achieve your dreams, so never give up. Even if you fail multiple times, don’t lose hope. Keep in mind that as long as you are motivated and positive, you can achieve anything with the help of God. During the exam, motivate yourself, especially if you don’t know the answer. Talk to yourself and remember why you want to pass the board. Stay happy and don’t panic. Keep your mind clear, and don’t let fear overcome you.

How did you know about the SPLE?

Sharipa learned about the SPLE through a high school friend and decided to apply after finding a job in Kuwait, as her initial attempt after graduation was not successful.

When did you decide to apply: after graduation or after finding a job? Why?

I actually wanted to apply for a teaching job right after graduation. However, since I didn’t pass the board exam back then, I ended up working as a household worker. I was only able to apply for a teaching job after I completed all the requirements needed to work as a teacher in the Philippines.

What did you expect from the SPLE regarding the content of the exam? How different is it from college entrance exams?

The SPLE is closely related to the subjects I studied in college, especially in professional education. College entrance exams, on the other hand, cover more high school and elementary level subjects.

What questions were easy to answer (e.g., solving, logical reasoning, abstract reasoning)?

For me, logical reasoning was relatively easier because the answers are often based on real-life situations. Professional education questions require common sense, and for general education, you need to rely more on your stock knowledge.

Did you attend a review center? Which review center? (a.) If yes, how did it affect your preparation for the SPLE? (b.) If not, how did you prepare for the exam in terms of resources and review materials?  

Yes, I watched Sir Melvin Buracho’s YouTube channel. It was very helpful, especially his COAT’U method technique. I applied it in Professional Education, and it was really effective. He taught us how to approach questions we didn’t know. I am very thankful to him, and he is one of the reasons why I passed the board exam.

How many of the things you reviewed appeared in the exam?

Approximately 40% of the reviewed topics appeared in the exam for her. Her preparation spanned a significant period, with nightly reviews focusing on understanding the reasoning behind answers rather than memorization.

How many weeks or months did you prepare for the exam?

I prepared for a long time. I reviewed every night whenever I had the time. I would read and study 10 to 15 questions each night. I focused on understanding the reasons behind the answers rather than just memorizing them.

How much did preparing for the exam cost you? Is it worth it?

Preparation costs for the exam were not exorbitant for her, and she considers it highly worthwhile, especially with the invaluable help from Sir Melvin Buracho’s YouTube channel.

Do you have a daily study routine? (a.) If yes, what is your daily routine, especially the specific time you study? (b.) If not, how did you manage your time, especially for reviewing?  

Yes, I had a daily study routine. I studied every night after finishing my work, taking a short rest, and sometimes, I woke up early in the morning around 3 am to 5 am to study again.

How did you balance your work and review? How did you manage your time?

I managed my time by staying determined to achieve my goal. I worked during the day and dedicated my rest time every night to review.

How did the SPLE affect your time with family and work?

It was really challenging because studying required a lot of time and sacrifices, including sleepless nights. However, I believed in the saying “sacrifice now and enjoy later.” After passing the board, all my sacrifices were worth it.

Did you have any strategies in studying for the exam that helped you understand your notes better?

Yes, I did. I didn’t settle for just knowing the answers. I questioned why a certain answer was correct and why the others were not. Sometimes, I had doubts about the answers and would even check them on Google to ensure my understanding.

What difficulties did you face in preparing for the exam? How did you better remember complex terms and lessons? Did you improve your memory in any way?

One of the difficulties was that the examination day fell during Eid Fit’r, and I was working as a household worker. I finished my work around midnight during Ramadan. It was tough, but I never gave up on reviewing because I didn’t want to regret not reviewing if I didn’t pass the board. I always had the desire to achieve my goal, which motivated me to find a way.

How stressed were you in preparing for the exam? How did you manage your stress?

I experienced a lot of stress and fatigue, but I knew that if I wanted to achieve something, I had to work hard and give my all.

Have you procrastinated on your review? How did you manage procrastination? How did you motivate yourself?

I always reminded myself of the saying, “If not now, then when?” Even when I was tired, I held onto this thought to avoid getting lazy or procrastinating. I also drew motivation from the people who believed in me, including my friends and my TSOK family. Their support gave me the courage to keep going and strive harder.

How important is preparing for the SPLE (or other exams)? Can you say that you are well prepared? How so?

Preparing for the SPLE, or any exam, is crucial. You need to have multiple strategies and tools at your disposal. To become an LPT, it’s not just about magic; you have to pay attention to your studies. Trust in Allah’s plan, and remember that prayer is your best weapon. After giving your best effort, pray and trust that if it’s meant for you, God will grant it to you.

How did you act during the exam? What were your thoughts during the exam?

During the exam, she maintained a calm and relaxed demeanor, relying on her prior thorough review and leaving everything to God.

Where did you gain the strength that helped you pass the exam?

My family was my primary source of strength. They were the reason I fought so hard in everything I did. I also drew strength from my friends and my TSOK family.

Did you search for and use guides and tips in your preparation? How effective were they?

She actively sought guides and tips for the exam, finding them effective in understanding questions she was initially uncertain about.

How did passing the exam benefit you in terms of your work, your life, your family, and yourself?

Passing the board exam brought immense pride and happiness to Sharipa. The achievement not only made her proud of herself but also brought pride and joy to her family and friends, marking a significant lifetime accomplishment that she attributes to God’s answered prayer.


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