Entry No. 3 Charmaigne Grace C. Gepana

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Me and my Diary Contest!

In celebration of ”My Serendipitous Day”

a. Describe your Diary/Planner.
my planner is my ever beloved belle de jour 2011 power planner. i really longed for this planner. i got star struck when i saw this. luckily, last dec.2010, i joined a contest and olah! my prize was this gorgeous planner. i love my planner so much. It has bdj checklist, menstrual tracker, bdj coupons discounts, cash flow tracker, habit tracker, inspirational quotes,health checklist,vacation planner,monthly tips, bdj essentials forget-me-not notebook and bdj lifestyle card. you see? all in one and it’s really worth it:)

description: my chic belle de jour 2011 power planner. i am belle de jour! belle de jour is 1. a french fashion lingo for “it girl” and 2. the modern-day renaissance woman who dares to achieve her goals, lives her dream life, makes difference in her community, while doing everything in great style. it really describes my personality-feminine, colorful, informative and useful.

b. What is your Ideal design for your diary/planner?
my ideal design for my planner is something feminine, girly, chic because it really describes me. another is full of inspirational quotes because i love to read. all in one planner because i am a practical person when it comes to buying something, it would contain more visuals and colorful too because it really attractive to my eyes and it should be worth the prize.

c. How does your Diary/Planner help you?
my planner really helps me a lot. it serves as an activity log for me so i can track down my activities, prioritize the important ones and eliminates time-wasting activities. i was motivated in my house, social and school activities. i could track down my goals, vision and someday wishes and dare to do it.i was able to picture out the dreams of my life using the dreamboard. i was able to plan for Christmas gist list and special events tracker. i was able to go out in my comfort zone and do the things which i thought i couldn’t do with the help of bdj checklist. i was able to track my menstruation and indicate if it was a light or heavy menstruation. i was able to avail monthly health checklist at school and then write the results in my planner. i was able to plan my vacation-destination and expenses. i was able to gain more confidence because of the monthly tips and the quotes motivates and inspires me. i was able to write letters to my mom, dad, to my loved ones, to my future children and husband because of the forget-me-not notebooks. it’s convenient also because it has calling cards. i was able to track down my bills and expenses and also my cash flows. i was able to jot down so that i could not forget my community activities such as urian legacy group home build and gawad kalinga and my cause- tree planting, river cruising, going to dump-site and anywhere to help the less fortunate people.



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