Goodbye my friend and thank you

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Dear Friend, 
I just wrote you to let you know how was Me after our friendship…
Can this really be a good friendship?
Anyway, one day we will cross again our pathway and we will be the same stranger of yesterday.
I admit I miss our conversation we shared but now I know I have to pull back my self because there’s nothing more out there.
All I want now is  be able to look at you and not be hurt by you.
And no worry, I will never do the same thing you have done to me.
This is enough.
So what I could only do is to walk away and start to forget what we shared. 
It’s really true when two strangers become good friends and then it’s sad too when time they need to become strangers again.
The light that fueled our fire then has burned a hole between us so here we are… we cannot see to reach an end.
But all I can do is not to put my anger in your hands but how many more lies and people you would put down… 
I know this tears is  worthless.
This time I will  walk and pass by you… just like an old stranger.
So It’s time now to say goodbye my friend.Take care… 
It breaks someone’s heart when good friends just ended because of losing trust.
It’s painful that more than anything you’ve entrusted them your heart…after all a sigh and wondering why.


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