Small is Big at the Ka-Entrep Seminar

Part of my busy homecoming schedule was spent attending informative and helpful seminars like the Consultative Forum for Micro & Small Entrepreneurs hosted by Ka-Entrep, which is a membership-based organization of micro, small and starting entrepreneurs. Empowering the small Filipino business person is their objective.

The seminar was held last December 14, 2012 at Senden Hall, Asian Social Institute Building, Leon Guinto Street, Malate, Manila. Invited speakers were Congressman Teddy Casino, Dr. Teresita Fortuna, Ms. Alice Opena and Ms. Evelyn Luching. All of them shared points and tips on how to start a small business, while working hard to sustain it and eventually, make it established.

I was able to meet many business persons, though how simple their products are, innovative ways and means are not wanting in these. Their goal to focus in moving forward to one direction was evident in the very much interested participants.

“I may be a blogger but I can also be an entrepreneur at the same time. The important lessons I learned while attending the forum are of great value and when I decide to become an entrepreneur, proper time management will spell the big difference” .



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Gracia Amor
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