Practical Lessons for Young People

Practical lessons for the technology driven youth of today will help empower them for their future.
Practical lessons for the technology driven young people will help empower them for their future.
  1. Travel is one of life’s gifts which you must try to do at least once in your life. You can learn that the world is both small and big and it is up to you how to appreciate these contrasting facts.
  2. Learn the value of simplicity and before you know it, you will be surprised to realize that you only need less than you think.
  3. It is fine to be inquisitive often but you have to consider that at some point, older people will not like to answer your questions, or may get irritated with these.
  4. Older people may answer some of your questions with “because that’s how life goes“ and although you may not find this the best answer, still you must not argue with older people.
  5. Learn to listen and recognize your innermost voice – your conscience. This will lead you to the proper places you must be in life.
  6. With all the peace inside of you, cherish and protect your inner most self, your conscience. Many people are out to taint it with negativism.
  7. Most especially if you feel that you are on the right track, avoid people who want to harm you by crashing your spirit, your beliefs. They are not good for you.
  8. Being independent financially can not only be conceived but can actually be done. You must be resourceful like becoming a working student or having a part time job.
  9. As much as possible avoid debts, loans because these will only pull you down and get you nowhere but misery.
  10. Do not always believe what you see on television because much of the advertisement is not always truthful.
  11. Do not let your curiosity lead you astray. You can make progress by knowing the positive side of learning new things and situations.
  12. It is not wrong to “not know” something at some point in your life. It is better to ask, to learn and practice what you have learned thereafter.
  13. Do not be friends with anyone who doesn’t want you to learn so you may improve yourself and your surroundings. These people have selfish motives and that is not a good sign for you to be with them.


Diary ni Gracia

(Photo credit to a friend who works with young people in a school)





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