Right to go Light

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Fast food is usually the answer to busy women like myself...but from time to time, REAL food is the Best!
Fast food is usually the answer to busy women like myself…but from time to time, REAL food is the Best!

A friend came from Fahaheel and went to visit me after work and brought me fish and vegetables. With fresh catch available, I like it with only enough amount of salt and pepper, wrapped in foil and then broiled stove top.

My friend is concerned that because of my schedule, I practically live from take-out food and it might not be healthy. But I say I choose what I order, from meals to dessert and drinks. Anyway, back to my meal from Fahaheel, with some lettuce, tomatoes plus the veggies for fresh salad, our dinner was great!

Fahaheel,  Al Ahmadi  is a coastal area here in Kuwait. It has the major fish market in the state where fresh catch from fishermen daily supplies the place and the consumers. A wide variety of marine produce is available and of course, the most well-known Kuwait’s shrimps.

It feels right to go light from time to time!



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13 thoughts on “Right to go Light

  1. Ma. Clarice Lao - Itumay says:

    I totally agree with you! It is time to go for lighter meals.
    It may not be that exciting but definitely worth it.

  2. andrew says:

    i used to be a health conscious before when i started working out 3 years ago, i think i should try this again even though im not doing gym stuff.

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