AIM Global BCO Kuwait, helping others to succeed

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Alliance in Motion Global BCO Kuwait
Alliance in Motion Global BCO Kuwait (photo:social media page)

Alliance in Motion AIM Global BCO Kuwait is indeed a business venture not only for people with huge investment / capital but for new micro businessmen and businesswomen as well. It has a strong presence here in Kuwait and many have put their trust in the establishment and its officials and staff.

Different health and beauty products are available that do not only supplement good health and lifestyle but gives the opportunity for anyone to become their own boss and start a micro business too.

AIM Global BCO Kuwait definitely believes in the talent, skill, leadership and entrepreneurship of Filipinos and other nationalities. Thank you for making things possible for OFWs. Thank you for encouraging Global Filipino bloggers to continue with what they do best – writing and sharing.

AIM Global BCO Kuwait holds office at 1st Floor Salhiya Tower, Fahad Salem St., Kuwait City.


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