A New Book to be written

It is the New Year and as I grow older, but with more lessons learned.                                       New Year as a new beginning and never to forget my major purpose and projects that have been carried over from the past year…this year is the only  better continuation and hopefully,  to finish the dreams set.

It has been a custom for us Filipinos to celebrate the New Year with lots of food especially ham, cheese, fruits. We make noise as they say to drive away not-so-good-vibes, wearing clothing with polka dots and many others.

I haven’t been able to celebrate New Year with my family since I went on vacation in 2012. I miss them. I miss my hometown. But Kuwait  is my second home now and this is where I work. This is where my life’s major purpose and dream will be realized… to give more help to my fellow OFW.


New Year...a new book...
New Year…a new book…


Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor