Blessed with riches

What is your standard of a person who is blessed with riches? Someone who is financially stable and well – traveled? Someone who is able to do food trips from the simpler diner to the more expensive restaurant any time he wants to? While it is true that a person who is able to do all the above mentioned things has the money to spend, we must also consider that even without much money, a person can still be considered blessed with riches.

You don't have to be rich in order to help others. (zolaniorganic)
You don’t have to be rich in order to help others. (zolaniorganic)

  Good deeds we share with others without waiting for anything in return, helping others which we know can’t even repay us, listening to someone in distress without being judgmental of their situation…a few good deeds that make us blessed with riches. Life goes in circles and nothing is permanent in this world. Your dire low situation will change – in time; your evanescent height pedestal, might be damaged if you don’t take care of the situation and the people who put you in that spot. Remember however, a person with a good heart will never be outdated.

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