Even though  I’ve been in Kuwait for several years, in many ways I’m still a hopeful romantic  at heart. My writing raised me, my being an OFW and blogger in a life full of compassion. I was already born when this love story started and I think it’s one I have watched play out some time when I visited them in the Philippines and I have been blessed to know this couple. What I always heard from Tita Che will remain in my heart. Something so beautiful. “Being in love is a process, a 24- hour job.” I know this greeting is a bit belated due to sudden changes in my schedule, but anyway “Happy Anniversary po!” I know, Tito Si and Ta Che didn’t always have things easy. But they stuck together even though they’ve had stormy days in their life. And through it all, I saw their Love Story — patience, an honest concern for others, a sense of spirituality and who we are as people, and a desire to always do the best we could with whatever power we have in our hands at any given point in our lives. I’m proud to say I’ve nurtured it in my heart. And now some 19 years later, even though Tito Si has been through some minor health problem and Ta Che has suffered health issues of her own, I know they are even happier and more satisfied than ever. For this occasion, I promise we will be together celebrating your 19 years wedding anniversary on my vacation (soon). We will eat together meals that I haven’t tasted in years. We will stay up late talking about lives here and there. We will just talk about almost everything. As an advocate blogger and OFW in Kuwait, I have a lot to be thankful for. I get to meet so many amazing couples and families, along with their children and friends. My own experiences teach me that doing what you love will grow in meaning and in value as time goes by.

One day, I will see myself, “Me and my loving husband will stand together, wrapped around of his arms , heads bowed, praying together and after 20 years of marriage we’re still snuggling, holding hands, kissing and being the best of friends ( I know sounds gross but for Ms. Hopeful Romantic, seems joyous).



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