Top 3 Business Ideas with Php 20,000 Capital

Top 3 Business Ideas with Php 20,000 Capital -diarynigracia

Top 3 Business Ideas with Php 20,000 Capital Banner -diarynigracia



Social media is changing and growing along with the interests and demands of consumers. They look for products and services that are good and in line with what they need and want. Filipinos are more accepting of new brands and establishments, allowing the business sector to grow more quickly. Many registered business in the Philippines are micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).


You can be your boss and grow your finances by starting your business venture and having a target market that you can accommodate. You should always know what you want to offer as an entrepreneur and what you want to cater to your customers.

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Top 3 Business Ideas with Php 20,000 Capital Quote -diarynigracia


It may be challenging to start a good business idea. Still, by planning and preparing the business you want to establish and setting your mind to what you want to pursue, you can quickly launch a small business to supplement your income — or become your full-time boss. While following a new trend can be risky sometimes, it can also be enriching. Ideas listed below have recently gained popularity, as you may have noticed. Others have long been popular, making them more competitive but less risky. However, here are three small business ideas below that will help you make money.



Checklist of the Requirements You Need

  • Determine viability

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Our startup must be something you can profit from doing or delivering. Consider this: would you buy it? Do the math: will customers pay enough to cover your costs and make a profit?


  • Create a business plan

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It’s easy to convince yourself that you don’t need a business plan, but writing one with financial projections forces you to think about the finer points. Maintain your plan as a living, breathing thing that you revisit and adapt on a regular basis.


  • Figure out the money


Most startups take longer to get off the ground than you expect. Know where your living expenses will come from for the first year (savings, a job, your spouse’s income, etc.). Start looking into financing for your business as soon as possible.


  • Choose a business name

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You need to think of a great business name that has a ring to the customer’s mind, and the minds of your target audience. It should not be taken by another company already. Perform Google searches and use a corporate name search tool to determine whether the name you’re considering is unique.


  • Investigate and apply for business licenses

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This usually depends on your industry and location, you may need one, if not several, business licenses for your startup. It is essential for businesses to issue for local licenses and permits.


  • Rent retail or office space

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If you own a physical store, you must address this issue immediately. If you intend to run a retail business, consider foot traffic, accessibility, and other factors influencing people who will pass by. EXCEPTION: If you don’t have a brick-and-mortar or retail business, postpone renting an office space for as long as possible to avoid burdening your startup with lease payments.


  • Hire your first employee

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It depends on the business you might plan on doing, but you may require staff from the start (retail), or you may be able to outsource to freelancers, interns, and third-party vendors for a time (service and tech businesses). Remember that attempting to do everything yourself takes time away from growing the business.


  • Line up suppliers and service providers

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Finding a reliable source of inventory is critical, especially in certain industries (retail, manufacturing). Aside from inventory, make a list of dependable suppliers and service providers so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff.


  • Register social media profiles and create websites

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Setting up accounts on the major social media platforms (for example, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) will make marketing on them easier later. It’s also critical to reserve your brand as a profile name. Also, create a website as soon as possible.



Start a Small Food Stall

Is it really worth Php 20,000?


Typically, a food cart business requires at least Php 100,000 in capital, but a kiosk is slightly less expensive, and franchising opportunities are available! Food cart businesses thrive in the Philippines because they are frequently easier to establish than other businesses. Small amounts of capital are frequently required, and it is possible to begin earning pesos from day one. Many aspiring young Filipino entrepreneurs want to start a food cart business in the Philippines. Do you want to start a food cart business in the Philippines?


  • Good Concept And Product:

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The concept should always correspond to the products sold. Customers are frequently eager to try it (especially if it is a novel concept), but they may not return if the product is subpar. As a result, ensuring consistent quality products will ensure the success of your business.



  • Location:

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Your food cart should be visible and placed in a high-traffic area. Even if you plan to put it in front of your house, it will be helpful to be mindful of the people passing by and see if they fit your target market.


  • Operations:

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Because there is limited space, installing an efficient operating system is even more critical in this type of business. You can plan how to store your products and adequately prepare them with available space.


  • Suppliers And Employees:

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Suppliers who are trustworthy and reliable are critical to business success. As a result, organizing and allocating time to work with your suppliers will be beneficial. It is important to note that if this business is established through franchising, the supplier may be fixed. Employees are just as crucial as suppliers in the Philippines food cart business. Thus, selection must be made with caution. Practical training will benefit both your team and your company as a whole.


  • Cost and Equipment:

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You have two options when starting a food cart business in the Philippines: franchising or starting your own food cart business. Setting up your own food cart business could cost more than the article’s maximum capital of Php 20,000. However, if you decide to franchise, you may be able to find food cart companies that offer this business for less than Php 20,000. You can find one at Levy’s Food Cart. A food cart franchise costs as little as P17,500. It is always best to consider this option carefully and see if it is profitable for your location. There may also be additional fees and costs, so it is critical to obtain all information before embarking on this venture.



Be a Freelance Writer


Internet is now accessible to everyone, and many freelancer income opportunities are popping up throughout the Philippines. One of these opportunities is the freelance writing business. This could be an excellent business for some because you could work anywhere worldwide while also building wealth. A freelance writer can work on multiple projects at once while meeting deadlines. However, some clients will be willing to be flexible with their workload, which can be advantageous. So, where do you begin?


  • Online Profile:

Your profile as a whole describes who you are as a writer, and your abilities can benefit your potential client. These online profiles are frequently in the form of social media pages.

  • Indicate your specialization
  • Free from grammatical errors
  • Show credentials
  • Contact details


  • Online Portfolio:

An online portfolio is typically in the form of a website. This is a potent tool for a freelance writer. Clients frequently base their first impression on this. Keeping it simple will give you and your freelance writing business that professional edge that will set you apart from the competition.


  • Cost and Equipment:

The equipment and location determine the cost of establishing a freelancing writing business in the Philippines. Below are the basic things and their estimated price:

  • Laptop (Php 15,000)
  • Smartphone for contacting clients (Php 2,000 – 3,000)
  • Internet Connection (Php 1,000 – 1,500)

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Be a Lazada Seller

If you want to sell a product that you believe will be popular online, you should go to Lazada because this online marketplace is thriving. Selling on Lazada, the Philippines’ leading online shopping platform, could be a good business opportunity. Lazada has thousands of online customers daily, which is constantly growing. Lazada frequently hosts special events and offers that draw more customers to its platform. As previously stated, where there is traffic, there is an opportunity to build wealth. There is no registration fee for those who keep an eye on their capital, Lazada is a great business to start with low capital needed. This is how to be Lazada seller:


  • Register:

After preparing all of the required registration documents, you can register for an account at Lazada Seller Center by filling out the form on the website or app. Take clear photos of the documents that must be submitted, followed by the bank information for payments. The application must be processed within one week. When the account is verified, Lazada will notify you via email or phone.


  • Products:

After preparing all required registration documents, you can register for an account at Lazada Seller Center through their website and fill out a form. Take clear photos of the documents that must be submitted, followed by the bank information for payments. The application must be processed within one week. Lazada will notify you via email or phone when the account is verified.


  • Managing:

You can manage your store from the Seller Center. Using the seller tools feature, you can monitor performance and make changes. To access your dashboard, click “Business Advisor.”

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  • Shipping:

When you place an order, the item must be packed and scheduled for Lazada pickup, and the seller must wait for the parcel to be delivered. Sellers can check for pending orders by clicking “Orders,” then “Forward Orders,” and finally, “Pending.”


  • Payments:

Payments for your products will be paid weekly to your registered bank account. You can access your account statement from the website or app.


  • Cost and Equipment:

Lazada is ideal for first-time store owners because sellers can start a business for as little as 10,000 pesos (needed for products and equipment). Furthermore, Lazada is free because they make money by charging a commission when your items sell.




Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What should i do first?

When you finally decide on what business to take on,  there are a few more steps to take before starting the business. These steps include selecting a business name and location, registering the company, obtaining the necessary licenses and permits, and developing production schedules and marketing/pricing plans. Take your time and carefully plan these steps. Do not rush the process or skip any of the critical steps/tasks because the decisions you make now will impact your future business activities.


  • How do i market my product or service?

Sales do not happen by themselves. Marketing is responsible for sales. Market research is used by businesses to identify their customers and what they want to buy. Marketing entails six issues, which are as follows:

  1. What is your product or service, and what advantages does it provide?
  2. Production: how is your product/service manufactured, at what rate, and with what raw materials and time?
  3. Price: How much can the product or service be sold for?
  4. How will potential customers learn about the product or service?
  5. Location: knowing a great place where the company is located and what distribution channels will be used.
  6. Perception (or brand image): how should the customer perceive the company and the product or service offered?


  • Why do i need a business plan?

A business plan serves as the firm’s résumé, listing its goals and objectives. Create a business plan for your partners, investors, and bankers. The business plan shows the product/service, the market, the management team, the location of the business, and your business experience. The method includes a market study, promotional strategies, current and projected balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow analyses. It specifies how, when, and where financial assistance will be obtained and how any loans made to the business will be repaid. The plan includes general operating information and information about where the business is now, where it has been, and where it is going.




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