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While some well-known franchise are notoriously pricey, purchasing a profitable business doesn’t always need spending millions; some simply cost a few thousand. These franchise possibilities require a minimum investment of between 100,000 and 1 million PHP.

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A successful company is built on passion. When things are going well, it helps you grow your business even more, and when things are tough, it gives you the drive to keep going. Never underestimate someone who has a passion and a vision.



1. Franchises with start-up costs under PHP100,000

The options for franchises under PHP100,000 is quite limited but it is still viable for franchisees that want to try franchising with a low budget and small risk. Franchise brands under this category have a limited menu that serves only specialties and usually carts, kiosks, small cafes, and vending or serving machines



CategoryName of BusinessFranchise FeeTotal Investment
CafeJohann Coffee & BeveragesPHP 90,000PHP 500,000 to PHP 550,000
CafeStar FrappePHP 99,000PHP 500,000
Food CartsSantino’s Supreme SlicePHP 50,000PHP 400,000
Food CartsKerrimoPHP 100,000PHP 250,000 – PHP 350,000
Service MachineTouch PayAvailable upon inquiryPHP 350,000
Service MachineWestern UnionAvailable upon inquiryAvailable upon inquiry



2. Franchises with start-up costs under PHP500,000


You have far greater options with this budget and have access to more known brands in the Food and Beverages kiosk, Pet Services, Health and Beauty retail stores, Money Transfer, Payment Centers, Car washes, and Motorcycle retails categories.


CategoryName of BusinessFranchise FeeTotal Investment
Food and BeveragesPotato CornerPHP 230,000 – PHP 385,000PHP 200,000 – PHP 1,200,000
Food and BeveragesHouse of TahoPHP 180,000PHP 575,000
Food and BeveragesMr. SoftyPHP 100,000PHP 500,000
Food and BeveragesSiomai HousePHP 300,000 – PHP 400,000PHP 350,000
Food and BeveragesBibingkinitanPHP 200,000PHP 500,000 – PHP 1,500,000
Food and BeveragesSnack-A-ttackPHP 399,000Available upon inquiry
Pet ServicesOne Fab PoochPHP 400,000PHP 1,500,000 – PHP 2,000,000
Health and Beauty StoresThai Royal SpaPHP 350,000Available Upon Inquiry
Health and Beauty StoresPink ParlorPHP 300,000PHP 1,700,000
Health and Beauty StoresI Do NailsPHP 350,000PHP 2,100,000
Payment CentersBayad CenterPHP 350,000PHP 350,000
Payment CentersExpressPayPHP 154,000 – PHP 308,000Available upon inquiry
CarwashNiceday CarwashPHP 395,000Available upon inquiry



3. Franchises with start-up costs under PHP1,000,000

The franchise fee might be less than PHP500,000 but it requires facilities, and logistics and the cost varies depending on the items inside the inventory. Such as Water Stations, Takeout grills, Pharmacies, Repair Services, Spas, Education, and Courier  Services. Also, you can buy well-known franchises in the Food and Beverages, Cafes, Health and Beauty.



CategoryName of BusinessFranchise FeeTotal Investment
PharmacyThe Generics PharmacyPHP 150,000PHP 674,000
PharmacyGamot PublikoPHP 160,000PHP 600,000
PharmacySouthstar DrugPHP 99,000PHP 700,000 – PHP 1,100,000
PharmacyFarmacia Ni DokPHP 99,000 – PHP 149,000PHP 399,000 – PHP1,900,000
PharmacyGenerikaAvailable upon inquiryAvailable upon inquiry
Water ServicesBluewaters Water StationPHP 80,000 – PHP 148,000Available upon inquiry
Water ServicesAquasoft WatersAvailable upon inquiryPHP 400,000
Water ServicesH2O Mineral PlusPHP 50,000 – PHP 100,000PHP 250,000 – PHP 580,000
Water ServicesAquabestPHP 100,000PHP 500,000
Water ServicesLiving WaterAvailable upon inquiryPHP 250,000
Food and BeveragesBinalotPHP 600,000 – PHP 700,000Available upon inquiry
Food and BeveragesHen LinPHP 224,000PHP 500,000
Food and BeveragesSamgyeopsal HousePHP 500,000PHP 6,500,000 – PHP 7,500,000
Food and BeveragesJay-J’s Grill PHP 500,000PHP 500,000 – PHP 6,500,000
Food and BeveragesEsting’s BellychonPHP 550,000Available upon inquiry
EducationKumonPHP 60,480PHP 600,000 – PHP 800,000
EducationTinker HousePHP 250,000PHP 800,000 – PHP 1,000,000
EducationThe Reading StationPHP 400,000PHP 400,000 – PHP 800,000
Repair ServicesPower FixPHP 300,000PHP 1,500,000
Repair ServicesMr. QuickiePHP 280,000PHP 1,250,000
Repair ServicesParas Alter StationPHP 558,000PHP 1,200,000
Courier ServicesLBC ExpressPHP 700,000 – PHP 1,000,000Available upon inquiry
Courier Services2Go ExpressAvailable upon inquiryAvailable upon inquiry
Courier ServicesLalamoveAvailable upon inquiryAvailable upon inquiry



4. Franchises with start-up costs above PHP1,000,000

There are no limitations on franchises you can buy with this amount of budget. You can purchase franchises from well-known brands in the whole Philippines like huge restaurants like Jollibee, McDonald’s, Max’s, etc., or big petroleum and gas stations like Petron, Shell, or convenience store like 7-Eleven, Ministop, Alfamart and hotels. Here are some examples.



CategoryName of BusinessFranchise FeeTotal Investment
Fast Food RestaurantJollibeeAvailable upon inquiryPHP 35,000,000 – PHP 55,000,000
Fast Food RestaurantMcDonald’sPHP 1,150,000PHP 45,000,000 – PHP 60,000,000
Fast Food RestaurantGreenwichPHP 815,000PHP 20,000,000 – PHP 25,000,000
Fast Food RestaurantChowkingPHP 1,000,000PHP 13,000,000 – PHP 15,000,000
Fast Food RestaurantTokyo TokyoPHP 1,200,000PHP 10,000,000
Fast Food RestaurantBonchonPHP 40,000PHP 516,994 – PHP 1,097,419
Fast Food RestaurantYellow CabPHP 1,025,000PHP 10,000,000 – PHP 12,000,000
Fast Food RestaurantMang InasalPHP 1,200,000PHP 12,000,000 – PHP 18,000,000
Fast Food RestaurantShakeysPHP 1,500,000 – PHP 2,200,000PHP 18,000,000
Petroleum and Gas StationShellAvailable upon inquiryPHP 3,000,000 – PHP 5,000,000
Petroleum and Gas StationPetronPHP 100,000PHP 1,000,000 – PHP 2,500,000
Petroleum and Gas StationBrent GasPHP 168,000PHP 600,000
Petroleum and Gas StationSeaoil Gas StationPHP 250,000Available upon inquiry
Petroleum and Gas StationM-GasPHP 100,000PHP 335,000 – PHP 370,000
Petroleum and Gas StationPhoenix LPGPHP 100,000PHP 620,000 – PHP 1,000,000
Mini-Groceries / Convenience StoreMinistopPHP 600,000PHP 3,000,000
Mini-Groceries / Convenience Store7-ElevenPHP 600,000PHP 3,500,000 – PHP 5,000,000
Mini-Groceries / Convenience StoreFamily MartPHP 500,000PHP 4,000,000 – PHP 8,000,000
Mini-Groceries / Convenience StoreMagnolia Chicken StationPHP 200,000PHP 2,300,000
Mini-Groceries / Convenience StoreMontereyPHP 336,000PHP 1,500,000 – PHP 2,800,000
Clothing storesMinisoPHP 2,500,000PHP 18,000,000 – PHP 20,000,000
Clothing storesBenchPHP 150,000PHP 500,000
Clothing storesFolded and HungPHP 600,000PHP 3,500,000
BookstoresNational BookstorePHP 450,000PHP 6,400,000
CybercafesMineski InfinityPHP 600,000PHP 4,500,000 – PHP 6,000,000




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