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Article 14-diarynigracia

 Top 5 Schools that Grant Scholarship



I’ll describe the five (5)  Scholarship Program in this article, along with its advantages, prerequisites, and application procedure.

Minutes to Read: 10 minutes

Age Bracket: 12 -45 years old

Article 14-diarynigracia


CHED Scholarship

CHED offers scholarships to prospective and current college students. Discover the application process for this scholarship.

Incoming first-year college students who want to enroll in accredited public or private colleges or universities, sometimes known as higher education institutions, are to receive financial aid (HEI).

This is an annual competitive student financial aid program (StuFAP) that offers financial assistance to students in accordance with their academic performance from the preceding school year. The full and half merit grants are available to all students.


The Benefits of Being a CHED Scholar

If you are a CHED scholar, you won’t have to worry about paying your tuition or any other school costs. Every semester, recipients of CHED scholarships get a monthly stipend, which may be paid to them directly or through their school or higher education institution.


The breakdown of financial support is as follows:


State College

CHED scholars who choose to enroll at a state or public university receive FREE tuition as well as a stipend and book allowance of P40,000 every semester.


Program Period TOSF Stipend Book/ Connectivity Allowance Total
12.1.1. Full SSP Annual FREE 70,000 10,000 80,000
Semestral FREE 35,000 5,000 40,000
12.1.2. Half SSP Annual FREE 35,000 5,000 40,000
Semestral FREE 17,500 2,500 20,000

*SUC/LUC Benefits


Private University

Full CHED scholars enrolling in private universities receive P20,000 every semester for tuition and other school costs, P35,000 in stipend, and P5,000 for books.

The advantages of CHED scholars who are enrolled in private universities are broken down as follows.

Program Period TOSF Stipend Book/ Connectivity Allowance Total
12.1.1. Full PESFA Annual 40,000 70,000 10,000 120,000
Semestral 20,000 35,000 5,000 60,000
12.1.2. Half PESFA Annual 20,000 35,000 5,000 60,000
Semestral 10,000 17,500 2,500 30,000

*Private HEI Benefits



CHED Scholarship Program

A qualifying student may receive a Full Scholarship (FS) or Half Scholarship (HS) through the State Scholarship or Private Education Student Financial Assistance program (PESFA).

Full merit (FS)

Intended for high school grads with a GWA of at least 96% or its equivalent.

Half Merit (HS)

Aimed at high school grads with a general weighted average (GWA) of 93% to 95% or its equal.


What are the Qualifications For CHED Scholarship Program

The following requirements must be met by applicants in order to be eligible for the scholarship grant:

  1. Filipino citizens of good moral character.
  2. Must not be more than 30-years of age at the time of application except for senior citizens.
  3. Must be a candidate for graduation or graduated high school.
  4. Combined annual gross income must not exceed Php 400,000.
  5. Must not be a recipient of any government scholarship and financial assistance.

The scholarship is available to all competent and deserving students, although preference will be given to those who belong to a particular category, such as the following:

  • Underprivileged and homeless
  • Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)
  • Solo parents and their dependents
  • Members of a cultural minority
  • Members of the hill tribe
  • Senior citizens


Documentary requirements for CHED Scholarship

Submit the following documents for evaluation purposes.

  • Birth certificate (PSA or NSO) as proof that you are a Filipino citizen.
  • A high-school report card or certified true copy of grades for Grade 11 and 1st semester of Grade 12 for graduating high-school students
  • Any of the following:

✅Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) of parents or guardian

✅Certificate of Tax Exemption from BIR

✅Certificate of Indigence either from their Barangay or Department of ✅Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)

✅Case study report from DSWD

✅The latest copy of the contract or proof of income may be considered for children of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and seafarers

  • Certificate of good moral character
  • Proof of the following (if applicable):

✅Parents are senior citizens

✅Belonging to an indigenous group

✅Solo parents or their dependents

✅A person with a disability (PWD)

✅Underprivileged and homeless



CHED scholars must enroll as normal, full-time students in a reputable Philippine private or public university. Students receiving full merit awards must maintain a grade of at least 85%, while recipients of half merit awards must maintain a grade of at least 80%.

Warning! The scholarship may be terminated for failure to maintain the required GWA. However, within 15 days of receiving your GWA notice, you may request a reconsideration. You must first obtain the Regional Office’s clearance if you want to change to another school or take a different course.


Is CHED Scholarship Application 2022 still available?

For the school year 2022-2023, CHED has paused the application process for their merit scholarship programs.



DOST Scholarship

The Department of Science and Technology-Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) recently stated that senior high school students who want to enroll in four- or five-year courses in the S&T field starting in SY 2023-2024 are eligible for its undergraduate scholarship program, RA 7687 and Merit. Below is a thorough summary of the data from the DOST-SEI website. We urged all prospective applicants to thoroughly review the information.



Who is Eligible to Apply For the Scholarship?

1.1 Male and female students who will graduate from Grade 12 in SY 2022–2023:

  1. STEM STRAND: Every student enrolled in a STEM course.


  1. If you fall under the Non-STEM strand, you must rank in the top 5% of your graduating class.
  • 1.2 Completed Grade 12 before SY 2022-2023 but has not yet started college:
  1. STEM STRAND: Every kid enrolled in a STEM course.
  2. If you fall under the Non-STEM strand, you must rank in the top 5% of your graduating class.
  • 1.3 High school graduation prior to the K–12 curriculum. the top 5% of the graduating class is required.
  • 2. Grades in Grades 9, 10, and 11 are required.

2.1 The results on the Certificate of Rating for the Philippine Education Placement Test are acceptable if you skip a grade.

  • 3. Must be a citizen of the Philippines by birth.
  • 4. must be morally upright and in good health.
  • 5. You might have taken the DOST-SEI Undergraduate Scholarship Examination but not passed, OR you might have passed but did not receive the DOST-SEI Undergraduate Scholarship.
  • 6. NO post-secondary (college or vocational) credits may have been gained


DOST Priority Courses 2022

Read the DOST Priority Courses list before applying for a scholarship.

  • Bachelor in Mathematics Education
  • Bachelor in Technology and Livelihood Education with Specialization in Information and Communications
  • Bachelor of Library and Information Science
  • BS Aeronautical Engineering
  • BS Aerospace Engineering
  • BS Agribusiness…
  • Continue Reading…


When To Apply?

  • Start of Online Application Period-September 19,2022
  • Last Day of Online Application and Uploading of Requirements: December 2,2022
  • Schedule of Qualifying Examination: March 11 and 12,2023


What are the Benefits?

  • Allowance (P7,000 per month)
  • Tuition and other school fees (P40,000 per Academic Year)
  • Book Allowance (P10,000.00/year)
  • Clothing Allowance for 1st Semester of First Year only (P1,000.00)
  • Thesis Allowance (P10,000.00)
  • Group Health and Accident Insurance (Premium)
  • Transportation Allowance for those studying outside of home province (1 economy-class round trip fare)
  • Summer Allowance (if required per curriculum)
  • Tuition and other school fees (P1,500.00)
  • Book Allowance of P500.00 (to submit O.R.)
  • Monthly Allowance (2 months)
  • Graduation clothing allowance (P1,000.00)


How To Apply

For Step by Step Application process of DOST SEI Scholarship, Click here.

DOST SEI Website

Those who wish to apply may visit the official website of DOST-SEI through this link:

Source: Department of Science and Technology-Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI)



Megaworld Scholarship


Benefits of Megaworld Scholarship

  • Full tuition fee
  • Allowance per academic year
  • Possibility of employment with Megaworld Corporation and/or its affiliated companies


General Requirements

  1. Income Tax Return (ITR) or BIR Tax Exemption Certificate of Father and Mother and Affidavit of Non-Filing of Income Tax with a combined gross annual income of not more than Php 300,000.
  2. birth certificate
  3. Endorsement letter from the school or institution (if available)
  4. Utility bills such as rent, electricity, water, telephone, internet, etc.
  5. 2 pcs. – 2X2 I.D. pictures
  6. 2 pcs. – 1X1 I.D. pictures
  7. Picture of the applicant and their family or guardians


Incoming Freshmen Applicants

  1. Final high school grade report with an overall average of at least 85% or its equivalent and a minimum grade of 80% in each subject.
  2. a certificate of enrollment, admission letter, or score on an entrance exam for college.
  3. a certificate indicating that the graduate class’s top 10% (if available)


Incoming sophomores and Juniors Applicants

  1. Every grade report from the previous semester to the present semester that has a GPA of at least 85% or its equivalent and a minimum grade of 80% in every subject
  2. a registration/assessment form for full-time students with the class schedule
  3. the most complete and recent course materials


How to Apply?

You can apply for the Megaworld scholarship by clicking here.


Deadline of Megaworld Scholarship?

Application Ongoing



FEU Scholarship

With good reason, Far Eastern University (FEU) takes pleasure in being one of the best universities in the nation. Students are given actual skills they may use in their chosen industry in addition to textbook knowledge thanks to the school’s outcome-based curriculum.


What was originally an accounting school soon housed students studying in a variety of academic disciplines, including medicine, business, the arts, and culture, to name a few. We are confident you can find a place in FEU with the variety of courses available!


Here are several scholarship options that are available to both incoming and current university students to assist you in funding your education.



Entrance Scholarship

Freshmen who have received high marks on the Far Eastern University College Admissions Test are eligible for this scholarship (FEU CAT). Depending on the student’s high school academic standing, the tuition coverage can range from 25 to 100%. Students who meet the requirements also get a break on other costs.



  • Must have a high school grade point average of at least 90
  • Must belong to the top 10% of high school batch
  • Must have high scores in the FEU CAT



  • Accomplished information sheet with 2×2 ID picture
  • Form 138 / Grade 12 report card
  • Certificate of good moral character
  • Certificate indicating that the student belongs to the top 10% of the graduating high school batch

Duration: 4-5 years (depends on the degree program)



  • Must be a regular student
  • Grade point average of at least B (3.0)
  • No grade lower than C+ (2.5)
  • No major offense (as determined by FEU’s code of conduct)

Note: Since FEU does not need an entrance exam for its online learning program, the academic standing of incoming high school freshmen will be used to determine scholarship eligibility.



Long-Term Educational Assistance Program (LEAP)

The recipients of this scholarship must be qualified students from low-income families. This includes a discount on other expenses, supplementary allowances, and complete tuition coverage.



  • Must come from a low-income family not earning more than Php 100,000 per year
  • Qualifying marks on the FEU CAT
  • Must be physically and mentally fit*



  • Accomplished application form
  • Two (2) recommendation letters addressed to the Admissions and Financial Assistance Director (attach photocopy of recommender’s valid ID)
  • Latest tax exemption certificate / income tax return of both parents
  • Map of residence from FEU including nearest landmarks
  • Certificate of good moral character (for incoming freshmen)
  • Latest health certification from the University Health Service
  • Latest guidance clearance from the Guidance and Counseling Office (for current FEU students)
  • Printout of grades from the student portal (for current FEU students)

Duration: 4-5 years (depends on the degree program)



  • Must be a regular student
  • Grade point average of at least C (2.0)
  • No major offense (as determined by FEU’s code of conduct)



FEU Tuition Discount

This full tuition scholarship is available to current FEU students from families earning no more than Php 360,000 annually.



  • Grade point average of at least C (2.0) in the previous semester
  • Must be enrolled with a minimum load of 15 units
  • Family income must not exceed Php 360,000 per year
  • No failing grade or dropped subjects in the previous semester
  • No major offense (as determined by FEU’s code of conduct)



  • Accomplished application form
  • Latest tax exemption certificate or income tax return of both parents*
  • Notarized affidavit of No or Low Income indicating the estimated monthly income
  • Notarized affidavit of No Financial Support and Single Parent Certificate (if applicable)
  • Certificate of indigency (if applicable)
  • Certificate of position from the Student Development (for student leaders)

Duration: One semester (renewable)


Graduate Studies Tuition Discount

Alumni, government personnel, and public school teachers are all eligible for this scholarship. Depending on the student’s application type, the tuition coverage can range from 25 to 75%.



  • Must be enrolled in a graduate program
  • Must be enrolled with at least 6 units per semester



  • Alumni

– Copy of transcript of records / college diploma / alumni ID

– Certificate of registration

  • Government Employees

– Latest certificate of employment*

– Certificate of registration

  • Public School Teacher

– Latest certificate of employment*

– Certificate of registration

Duration: One semester (renewable)


Maintenance:  Renewable based on the student’s academic performance



DLSU Scholarship

De La Salle University is dedicated to lowering the cost of high-quality education. If you want to apply for scholarships, loans, or other forms of financial aid, the Office of Admissions and Scholarships (OAS) is prepared to assist you.

Students that are interested in learning more can contact the SFA Office. The numerous financial aid and scholarship programs include:


1.     St. La Salle Financial Assistance Grant (CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING)

Filipino students at De La Salle University are eligible for financial aid if they meet certain qualifying requirements. The Scholarship Committee chooses grant recipients based on financial need and academic aptitude.

2.     Archer Achiever

Students who score highly on the DLSU College Admission Test are eligible for scholarships through the Archer Achievers Scholarship Program. Students who meet the requirements will automatically receive a full tuition and fee waiver. Students who graduated from Philippine Private/Public and Science High Schools are eligible for this.

3.     Star Scholarship

Some of the greatest and brightest students in the nation are eligible for this program, which is regarded as the University’s top scholarship opportunity. To fill the few available spots in the program, candidates who performed best on the admissions test are screened and interviewed. Those chosen have the exceptional chance to complete a master’s degree, enter medical school (for BS Human Biology students), or, after completing their undergraduate degree on full scholarship, enroll in the College of Law at DLSU.

4.     Vaugirard Scholarship Program

This program was created to offer fresh scholarships each year to Filipino citizens who graduated from public or private science high schools in the Philippines. A student must score highly on the DLSU College Admissions Test (DCAT). The candidates are invited by the university for a screening. A university committee evaluates their credentials and chooses the winner. In addition to receiving advance enrollment privileges, a full waiver of tuition, miscellaneous, and lab fees throughout their time at the university, and a monthly stipend to cover modest housing, food, allowance, and other costs, scholars under the program will also receive a cash incentive for graduating with Latin honors.

5.     Gokongwei Grants

Scholarships will be given out through this program to students who want to enroll in any engineering degree program provided by the College of Engineering. The scholarship benefits include a full waiver of tuition and fees in addition to a monthly stipend to help with the cost of modest housing, meals, and other expenditures.

6.     Br. Andrew Gonzalez Academic Scholarship

Starting in their freshman year, high school students who achieved the highest honors in each of the three strands (STEM, ABM, and HUMMS) and who passed the entrance exam will get a full academic scholarship (tuition and expenses).

7.     Brother President Scholarship Program (BPSP)

This is given to children of married, permanently employed, full-time faculty and administrative staff who joined DLSU in May 1987 or later, who have worked at the university for at least three years, and who are currently engaged in university service while applying for the grant. These students had to have met the entrance standards of De La Salle University, De La Salle Araneta University, De La Salle University-Dasmarias, De La Salle College of Saint Benilde, or De La Salle Green Hills.

8.     Centennial Scholarship Program (CSP)

As an addition to the Brother President Scholarship Program, the CSP (BPSP). The De La Salle University CSP was developed to offer financial aid to deserving children of the university’s full-time permanent faculty (teaching and academic service faculty) and administrative service professionals (ASP). To be eligible for the scholarship, which is solely provided at DLSU, children of permanent, full-time faculty members and ASP must have met the university’s entrance standards.

9.     Scholarship for Children of Co-Academic Personnel (SCC)

The beneficiaries of this scholarship are the dependents of co-academic staff. The La Salle Green Hills, De La Salle-Santiago Zobel School, De La Salle-Araneta University, De La Salle College of Saint Benilde, or De La Salle University entry requirements should have been satisfied by their children.

10.  Scholarship for Children of Faculty (SCF)

Children of eligible full-time, part-time, and retired faculty members who began working at DLSU before May 1987 are eligible for this scholarship. The entrance requirements for DLSU, De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, La Salle Green Hills, or De La Salle Santiago-Zobel School must have been met by their children.

11.  Military Scholarship (PD 577)

Tuition is not required of dependents of military personnel who passed away or got disabled while performing their duties. Depending on how many places are available, qualified applicants are given tuition waivers.




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