Earning Miles with every swipe; Air Miles Credit Card

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Top 5 Air Miles Credit Card for your Next Adventure


Filipinos love to travel. May it be locally or internationally. Visiting different places and trying out their food might be one of the most incredible things to reward yourself. However, traveling might not be that affordable. It takes a lot of time to plan and budget for the expenses once you hop on that plane. From plane tickets to your pocket money, a lot of money is needed to maximize your adventure. One thing to help you with that is an Air Miles Credit Card.

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If you love traveling or not, an Air Miles Credit Card is a good thing to have. We only live once, and we’ll never know when the next adventure will present itself. You might as well be ready all the time, right?  It is best to save those miles so you can book a ticket straight to your dream destination. One good holiday getaway is all it takes to relax away from the city’s stress. Still got no idea what to get? Take a pick on some of this year’s best Air Miles Credit cards.



What is an Air Miles Credit Card?


If you’re a traveler and seat sales excite you, I’m sure earning a free flight is one of the best things to have. Traveling frequently means you get to earn airline miles. However, most of us don’t travel that often enough to score for a free flight. But now, you don’t have to travel frequently thanks to Air Miles Credit Card. You can now earn those air miles while you shop.


Air Miles Credit Card is a credit card where you can accumulate points or air miles on your purchases which you can then redeem for a flight with a particular airline and other travel discounts and perks. These Air Miles Credit Cards are usually offered by the Airlines or partnered with credit card companies to allow travelers to accumulate points and spend them through other sources.


Collecting Air Miles points may sound hard since traveling usually earns them. But with the Air Miles Credit Card,  you can earn Air Miles points for every purchase. May it be for shopping, grocery, or loading up your tank with gas. You can save these points to redeem for a free flight or a hotel.



How to choose the best Air Miles Credit Card?


Many factors should be considered when choosing an Air Miles Credit Card. This includes how frequently you travel and which perk matters to you the most. Searching for the right credit card that will give you all you want and all you need might be difficult. So, here are some tips to consider when choosing the best Air Miles Credit Card that will suit your needs.


1. Conversion


            When choosing a credit card, look for their Peso-Per-Mile Conversion and see how much you have to spend to earn one mile. If you want to earn faster, go for a low conversion rate credit card. Purchases of at least ₱30 or lower for one mile are good enough.


2. Airline Partner


Credit card issuers usually partner with Airlines for their Air Line Credit Cards. If you travel often and are loyal to a specific Airline, look for a credit card with a partnership with that Airline. This way, you can redeem your Air Miles points with them when you travel. Because generally, you can only use Air Miles points with partnered airlines or their partners.


3. Sign-up Bonuses


Once you sign up for a credit card, it usually comes with a welcome gift. This welcome gift is usually a tremendous amount of air miles points you can use. Some credit cards offer a minimum spending requirement to get this sign-up bonus. Either way, you will receive a good amount of points that may be enough to redeem a flight. However, these bonuses can vary from each card. If they do not offer sign-up bonuses, keep an eye out for their promotional offers.


4. Insurance


You may think having insurance is unnecessary, and it seems like you don’t need it. Nonetheless, traveling with peace of mind is an advantage since you are financially covered while you’re out there exploring the wonders of the world. Air Miles Credit Card usually offers Travel Insurance and assistance. Some provide insurance for lost luggage and such. Look out for credit cards that provide these since this might help you in the future. You’ll never know.


5. Airport Lounge Access


Being in the airport as early as possible is a typical Filipino practice. We like to ensure we’re on time during the boarding process to avoid being left by the plane. However, flights can be delayed. In the worst-case scenario, it can be canceled. These situations can happen when you least expect it, and what makes it worse is waiting uncomfortably in the Airline’s waiting area. Some Air Miles Credit Card comes with VIP Airport Lounge access worldwide. This may be one of the best perks it can come with, so you can wait comfortably while waiting for your flight.


6. Money saver for Foreign Purchases


Going out to shop internationally hypes up the travel experience. Bringing home the goodies feels terrific, and swiping your card to purchase them is one way to do it. Note that foreign transactions might cause you a headache on your following billing statement since currency conversions and transactions come with a fee. If you plan to go shopping on your next trip, look for a credit card that offers dual currency billing or a low foreign transaction fee. This will help you save money and avoid paying hefty fees.


7. Annual Fees


            The idea of saving money feels good, and having something for free adds up to the sensational feeling. This means having a credit card with waived annual fees is a huge advantage. Always go for a credit card that doesn’t require you to pay a yearly fee. If it’s hard to look for a free annual fee credit card, at least go with a lower fee to save money you can spend on your travels instead.



Best Air Miles Credit Cards


Are you planning to earn a good amount of Air Miles points for your next travel getaway? Say no more with these Air Miles Credit Cards I have listed just for you. These credit cards might be the best pick for you since they offer low peso-per-mile conversion and are packed with a lot of perks, benefits, and even discounts to enjoy for your travel experience.



1.     UnionBank Miles+ Platinum Visa Card


Looking for a card that’s packed with a lot of benefits and insurance you can enjoy? Go for UnionBank Miles+ Platinum Visa Card. Perfect for traveling with their Airport Lounge Access perk and 24/7 Customer Service whenever you need it. Collect points from all of your purchases that you can you for your next travel trip.



Features and Benefits

  • Earn 1 point from every ₱25 spent on your everyday purchase
  • Earn 1.5 points from every ₱25 spent on any travel-related purchases.
  • Unlimited pre-departure Airport lounge access
  • Complimentary Travel Insurance up to ₱10 million when you charge your airline tickets to your card
  • Credit Life Insurance for you and your family that can cover up to ₱400,000 of your outstanding balance
  • 24/7 Customer Service whenever you need assistance
  • Exclusive discounts, perks, and freebies in restaurants, shopping, leisure, and service outlets nationwide
  • 20% discount on lounge pass for your companions


Fees and Charges

  • Gross Annual Income of at least ₱600,000
  • Annual Fee: ₱3,000
  • Interest Rate: 2%
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: 2%


To read more about UnionBank Miles+ Platinum Visa Card, visit Credit Cards | UnionBank of the Philippines.



2.    RCBC AirAsia Credit Card


Are you a loyal flier of AirAsia?  If you are, then this credit card is a must-have for you! Partnered up with RCBC, AirAsia provides you with the perfect credit card just for you that will reward you in everything you do. It will help you earn more AirAsia points that you can use on your next holiday getaway. But there’s more; they also provide a welcome gift you can enjoy: earn a free trip with up to 8,000 AirAsia points and a quarterly bonus! Sounds exciting!


Features and Benefits

  • 8,000 AirAsia points as a welcome gift when you spend at least ₱20,000 within 60 days of issuance.
  • Earn up to 2x AirAsia points on daily AirAsia spending wherever you are in the world
  • Earn two (2) AirAsia Big points for every ₱25 AirAsia purchases
  • Earn one (1) AirAsia Big Point for every ₱28 domestic retail purchases
  • Earn one (1) AirAsia Big Point for every ₱22 international retail purchases
  • Instant upgrade to AirAsia Platinum
  • Enjoy priority check-in, Boarding, and Xpress Baggage when you fly with AirAsia as a Platinum Member.
  • You can pay on the Super App using your accumulated AirAsia points
  • Converting your purchases to 3 monthly installments; Unli 0% installment


Fees and Charges

  • Gross Annual Income of at least ₱250,000
  • Annual Fee: ₱3,600 (waived for the first year)
  • Interest Rate: 2%
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: 3.5%


To learn more about RCBC AirAsia Credit Card, visit Earn airasia points with RCBC Bank.



3.    Citi PremierMiles Card


Do you want to earn Air Miles points but still don’t know when to use them, or you’re just planning to save them so you can use them on your next travel experience? Say no more with Citi PremierMiles Card, which will allow you to keep your hard-earned miles for as long as you want with their no-expiry miles feature to maximize your earning potential! Accumulated air miles can be redeemed for free flights and to book rooms worldwide. However, if you still have no plans to travel, you can use your earned reward points to redeem gifts or to pay off your annual fee. You can also enjoy their free 30,000 miles welcome gift when you sign up with them and save it for your next flight.



Features and Benefits

  • Earn 1 PremierMile for every ₱30 spend
  • To redeem airline miles for future travels, 1.6 PremiumMile = 1 mile
  • You can transfer your miles on your chosen airlines
  • To redeem cash credits for your next purchase, 5 PremierMiles = ₱1
  • PremierMiles points have no expiry, so that you can use them anytime you want
  • VIP Lounge access to selected lounges nationwide and abroad with a free DragonPass Membership with two (2) complimentary visits per membership year
  • It comes with complimentary travel insurance that can cover up to ₱1 million when you charge your travel tickets to Citi PremierMiles
  • All your purchases that are charged on your card have a free 30-day Purchase Protection


Fees and Charges

  • A gross annual income of at least ₱360,000
  • Annual fee: ₱5,000 (Waived for the first year)
  • Interest Rate: 2%
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: up to 3.525%


To know more about the Citi PremierMiles Card, read more at Citi PremierMiles Card Offers – Citibank Philippines.



4.    UnionBank Cebu Pacific Gold


Do you enjoy flying with Cebu Pacific Gold? If it is a yes, then save up for your next flight with UnionBank Cebu Pacific Gold. Partnered up with Unionbank, you can now enjoy and satisfy your wanderlust by saving up your points to fly with Cebu Pacific. This is your fastest way to fly free and discover the world’s beauty. You can also access free travel vouchers from Cebu Pacific and exclusive seat sale deals! What are you waiting for? Apply now and save up for your next flight with Cebu Pacific.


Features and Benefits

  • Earn one (1) Go Rewards point for every ₱200 purchase
  • Earn one (1) Go Rewards point for every ₱100 Cebu Pacific Purchase
  • Earn one (1) Go Rewards point for every ₱20 spent when you use your card to pay; Preferential Rate offered by Cebu Pacific
  • Early alerts and exclusive access to Cebu Pacific and Go Rewards Sale events
  • Free life insurance with coverage of up to ₱400,000


Fees and Charges

  • A Gross annual income of at least ₱360,000
  • Annual Fee: ₱3,000
  • Interest Rate: 2%
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: 3%


To know more about UnionBank Cebu Pacific Gold, read more at Cebu Pacific Gold Credit Card by UnionBank.



5.    Metrobank Travel Platinum Visa


Not a loyal flier of a specific Airline but still want to earn quickly to save up for that future travel? Metrobank Travel Platinum Visa will make earning more easier with their lowest spend-to-mile! Undeniably one of the must-have credit cards in the Philippines if you’re a traveler and always spend to score a free flight. Unlimited lounge access and premium customer service are also perks you can enjoy when traveling.


Features and Benefits

  • Earn a 1-mile point for every ₱17 spent on airlines, hotel, and foreign currency transaction
  • Earn a 1-mile point for every ₱50 spent on other categories
  • Complimentary airport lounge access to over 950 airlines worldwide
  • Free supplementary card with annual fees waived
  • 24-hour VIP Concierge service


Fees and Charges

  • Gross annual income requirement of at least ₱700,000
  • Annual fee: ₱5,000 (waived for the first year)
  • Interest Rate: 2%
  • Foreign Transaction fee: 2.5%


To read more about Metrobank Travel Platinum Card, you can visit Travel Platinum Credit Card | Metrobank.




Earning Air Miles Comparison


Are you going for a credit card that will help you save Air Miles quickly but still have no idea what to get after going through all the suggested credit cards? Then we’ll compare them based on their spend-to-earn miles conversion to make it easier for you to decide which one to get.


Suppose you spent a total of ₱10,000 on your everyday purchases this month and a total of ₱15,000 on travel-related necessities, all charged on your Air Miles Credit Card. Let’s see how many Air Miles points you’ve earned on each credit card.



A.   UnionBank Miles+ Platinum Visa Card


UnionBank Miles+ offers

  • 1 point for every ₱25 spent on everyday purchases
  • 5 points for every ₱25 spent on travel-related purchases.


Thus, you will earn

  • ₱10,000 everyday purchase = 400 points
  • ₱15,000 travel-related purchases = 900 points


Therefore, you will earn a total of 1,300 points this month.



B.   RCBC AirAsia Credit Card


RCBC AirAsia offers

  • 2 AirAsia Big points for every ₱25 AirAsia purchase
  • 1 AirAsia Big Point for every ₱28 domestic retail purchases


Suppose your everyday purchase this month is spent domestically, and the travel-related purchases are spent on AirAsia. Thus, you will earn:

  • ₱10,000 everyday purchase = 357.14 points
  • ₱15,000 travel-related purchase = 1,200 points


Therefore, you earned a total of 1,557.14 points this month.



C.   Citi PremierMiles Card


Citi PremierMiles Card offers

  • 1 PremierMile for every ₱30 spend


Since Citi PremierMiles does not offer specific points for travel-related purchases, the 1 PremierMile for every ₱30 spent will also apply to it. Thus,

  • ₱10,000 everyday purchase = 333.33 points
  • ₱15,000 travel-related purchase = 500 points


Therefore, you earned a total of 833.33 points this month.



D.  UnionBank Cebu Pacific Gold


UnionBank Cebu Pacific offers

  • 1 Go Rewards point for every ₱200 purchase
  • 1 Go Rewards point for every ₱100 Cebu Pacific Purchase


Suppose your travel-related purchases are made at Cebu Pacific, thus,

  • ₱10,000 everyday purchase = 50 points
  • ₱15,000 travel-related purchase = 150 points


Therefore, you earned a total of 200 points this month.



E.   Metrobank Travel Platinum Visa


Metrobank Travel offers

  • 1-mile point for every ₱17 spent on travel-related purchases
  • 1-mile point for every ₱50 spent on other categories


Thus, you will earn

  • ₱10,000 everyday purchase = 200 points
  • ₱15,000 travel-related purchase = 882.35 points


Therefore, you earned a total of 1,082.35 points this month.

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Final Thoughts


We may all be excited to redeem anything we can with all our hard-earned Air Miles. However, the ability to earn miles quickly is not the only thing to consider when getting an Air Miles Credit Card. You may refer to the section above to see the other factor you have to note when choosing which is the best. Although earning miles may be the best factor, you should also look at the perks such as insurance, lounge access, and many more.


Always choose based on what you want, what perk you can most take advantage of, and the most affordable. Look for their annual fees and foreign transaction fees that you always have to look out for when traveling. Do not be blinded by reasonable offers. Do your research and choose wisely.




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