Why do you need to be thankful as a stock market trader when you begin at the age of 18 or start early? 

Be thankful as a stock market trader 2023

Starting investments early in life has several benefits. Here are reasons why you need to be thankful for starting early as a stock market trader:


  1. Possibility of obtaining greater returns:

    The prospective return vs alternatives like bank certificates of deposit, gold, and Treasury bonds is the main reason why most investors choose stocks.

  2. The capacity to guard your wealth against inflation:

    Returns in the stock market frequently exceed inflation rates by a wide margin. Stocks have historically been a reliable inflation hedge.

  3. The capacity to generate consistent passive income:

    Many businesses provide investors dividends or a cut of their profits. Although some businesses pay dividends on a regular basis, most companies pay them quarterly. An investor’s salary or retirement income may be supplemented by dividend income.

  4. The pride of ownership:

    A share of stock denotes a portion of ownership in a corporation. You can get a small stake in a business whose goods or services you adore.

  5. Liquidity:

    The majority of equities are traded openly on a significant stock exchange, making it simple to acquire and sell them. In comparison to other investment possibilities like real estate investments that you can’t easily sell, it also makes stocks a more liquid investment.

  6. Diversification:

    Stocks make it simple to create a diversified portfolio that spans numerous industries. This can assist you in diversifying your whole investment portfolio, which may also include stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, thereby lowering your overall risk profile and raising returns.

  7. The ability to start small:

    Investors can start buying stocks with less than Php 5,000 because many online brokers offer minimal commissions and the option to acquire fractional shares.

  8. More Recovery Time:

    If you make an early investment and suffer a loss, you have more time to recover from the loss. Early investments give your investment more time to increase in value.

  9. Save More:

    Early investments help you form the habit of saving more money. You will receive more in the future the more you invest. By eliminating wasteful spending and investing the money you save as a result, you tend to save more money.

  10. Enhances capacity for taking risks:

    Young investors are more capable of taking risks than older ones, according to studies. A strong capacity for taking risks increases the likelihood of generating substantial rewards at an early age.

  11. Value of Money Over Time:

    Regular contributions started at a young age can pay out handsomely in retirement. At that age, you can buy items that others might not be able to because of early investments. You now have an advantage over people who prefer to invest later in life.

  12. Secured Future:

    You will encounter situations in life where you need quick cash to cover unexpected bills. The investments you made when you were young can come in extremely handy during these times and will aid you in getting through the difficult times on your own.

  13. Turn to become a Creditor:

    A wise investment is one made at a young age. If you have money left over after investing it, you won’t ever need to borrow money or take on debt.

  14. Maintain Your Retirement Plans:

    Investments made at a young age improve the likelihood of achieving financial security at a young age. It is always preferable to start saving for retirement in your 20s than wait until you are in your 40s.

  15. Time allows you to take risks:

    When it comes to investing, more risky endeavors typically produce the biggest return on investment. Investors have the chance to take on greater risk because they have the time to recoup if something goes wrong.

  16. Possibly result in early retirement:

    In a shorter period of time, early investing may also result in early retirement. The FIRE (financial independence, retire early) movement may tempt some young individuals to begin investing early. Making smart investing to enable early retirement has proven successful for many people.

  17. Your financial discipline will increase:

    By paying attention to your budget and making necessary cuts to your expenditure, early investment enables you to cultivate disciplined spending habits. Here, making money by saving is the aim.

  18. Be one step ahead of the competition:

    It’s wise to abide by the proverb “the early bird gets the worm.” Your future financial status will be better if you start investing sooner rather than later.

  19. Your standard of living will improve:

    Military purchasers should be informed of their mortgage alternatives when buying a new house and base their decisions on their own financial circumstances.

  20. It provides you with the chance to take charge of your future:

    Choosing where to direct your money can be empowering. By investing, you give your cash a “task” to do: make you richer over time, as opposed to spending it or, worse, not knowing where it is going.

  21. You Should Do It or You’ll Regret It:

    Yes, a key regret of successful investors is that they didn’t make investing a habit sooner. When asked what is the one piece of investment advice they’d give to their younger selves, the majority of seasoned investors will respond, “start earlier.”

  22. It’s Acceptable to Make Errors:

    Many people shy away from investing because they’re worried about making mistakes, including picking the incorrect stocks or going out of business. It doesn’t take a lot of time and effort to invest wisely; it’s not this big, difficult thing.

  23. Investing Has Never Been This Simple:

    There are so many various methods to invest, and setting up the majority of them doesn’t take very long. Starting out is usually rather simple; your human resources department can assist.

  24. Learn Lessons Early:

    No one, regardless of age, is an expert when they are a rookie investor. Whether you start in your 20s or your 50s, there will always be a small learning curve.

  25. Longer timelines permit greater risk:

    Your time horizon is the anticipated period of time until you intend to utilize the investment capital. Young folks who have a wider time horizon have the chance to take on greater risk as they probably won’t need the money for many years.

  26. You’ll be helped in times of need if you have the security of an emergency fund:

    A few of the major expenses that most people try to plan for include marriage, children’s education, and retirement, and starting early will help you have the money you need when you need it. Additionally, it will stop you from making rash financial judgments.

  27. Starting with established stocks can increase your income:

    Investing in reputable tech stocks early on is a wise decision. Before you become accustomed to the market’s potential swings up and down, you must first become used to them.

  28. Early investment is the key to patience and success:

    New investors can discover that patience can pay off when they start investing early. In the long run, if you start investing now, you might be able to work significantly less throughout your life because you’ll be letting your money take on the bulk of the labor.

  29. Early investment eliminates the need to time the market:

    Many people desire to try to outsmart the market when investing early in an effort to try to make a higher profit. To maximize short-term returns, it is foolish to try to time the market and predict what will happen next.

  30. Invest early and with a long-term plan:

    Stock market investing is actually for the long term; it’s not a get-rich-quick program where you get rich quickly. Purchasing high-quality firms will help you increase your wealth as they expand their operations.


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