Anna Fe: A Short and Sweet Interview with Assistant Secretary Anna

Anna Fe
“Inspirational Vanguard: Guiding Teams Toward Greater Heights”

Here’s an up close and personal interview with Anna Liza Fe Ablen:

What is the mission and purpose of TSOK?

The mission is to protect and promote the well-being of its members. It aims to have a representative body capable of developing a group opinion on professional matters and assisting non-board members in documentation and preparation for the PRC-SPLE program. Additionally, it strives to foster good fellowship among its members.

How do officers collaborate and work together to achieve the organization’s goals?

By having meetings on that meetings we shared different opinions and choose what best for the success of any activities.

What qualifications and experience are typically required to become an officer of TSOK?

He/she should be an active member of the org.

What are some of the major initiatives or projects that officers are currently working on?

The recently SPLE -LET, out of 150 examinees 34 successful teachers passed.

How does the organization promote teamwork and collaboration among its officers?

Respecting and helping each other for the common good of all.

Can you share some examples of successful outcomes or achievements that officers of TSOK have accomplished?

(1.) TSOK End Year Gathering 2022. (2.) SPLE 2023. (3) TSOK 9th Founding Anniversary. (4.) SPLE Oath-Taking Ceremony 2023

Can you provide an overview of the organizational structure of TSOK and the roles and responsibilities of officers within the organization?

As an Assistant Secretary, my duties include keeping and maintaining all the records and documents, preparing and filing minutes of meetings, sending required notices, distributing information to all members, and performing other duties as assigned by the president.

Can you provide insights into the relationship between officers and the leadership team within TSOK?

I think understanding and respect play a special role for each of us as officers. That’s why most of the events of the organization work well, meaning they are successful.

What is the overall vision or future direction that officers are working towards?

The officers are here to implement the vision and mission of the organization. As of now, since the SPLE and Oath-Taking ceremony have been completed, we are now focusing on the upcoming PPO Sportfest 2023 in October. The last Sportfest I attended was in 2019, and it was stopped because of the pandemic, so I think it will be even more fun and exciting this time. In November, we are planning a Children’s Outreach event, and in December, the election of the new set of officers for 2024 will take place.



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