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4 Reasons Why You Should Form A Better Habit

    Importance of Forming Better Habits   Habits are usually formed unconsciously. Sometimes, when you remind yourself to do a specific task repetitively, you start turning them into a habit without even realizing it. You probably have a habit of sleeping at 1 pm, walking outside before going to bed or maybe drinking water […]

5 Most Common Investment Mistakes Made by OFWs

Most Common Investment Mistakes made by OFWs A lot of people ask me how I became a good player in the investment industry, and I gave them all the same answer: I became a newbie. Confusing? Sure, but that’s exactly what helped me make wise investment decisions. Being a beginner in this kind of business […]

How to Process Philippine Documents in Kuwait

  *Take note that prices above may change without prior notice.     How to Process Philippine Documents in Kuwait via LBC Express   Are you an OFW in Kuwait? Or are you getting married soon? Or maybe your one of us who wanted to take Driver’s License here in Kuwait or who will take […]

How to make a love

How to make a Love Hi, beautiful mind readers😀 To let you know, I am  not in hybernating mode, only overload of priorities. Literally and figuratively speaking, some say “Make love not war”  so I made a blog how to make a love, which some of us really forget and unfortunately denying it. To make […]

Letter to Ms. Maxine Medina

Miss Universe Philippines

Dear Ms. Maxine Medina;       Ms. Universe- Philippines Congratulations! To be a representative of our country  is an indeed a remarkable achievement. Your participation is a noteworthy work  for us some of  us  your kabayan,  it is  really appreciated. The entire social media  now is in different emotions and I witnessed your exemplary social attitude […]

My Commitment

So here is MY COMMITMENT Every one of us OFW, have a big dreams for ourselves and our family, but we forget (most of the time) to dedicate a significant  portion of our time (of our life) learning how our money will grow, thinking for long term (actually this is how the richest man in […]

My Message of Thanks

  “Those blessings are sweetest that are won with prayer and worn with thanks.”                                                                                   […]

The Story of New Career Path

THE STORY OF A NEW  CAREER PATH A new place called HOME for my fellow OFW who are up to Investment. It was only this July 13; my mother died, the world was falling apart, together with my net worth that was  taking a beating. An experience same with almost some of our fellow kababayans, […]

Leadership, grace and beauty

I want to start this birthday blog for someone, with this inspiring quote “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world”. – US poet WW Ross (1819-1881)

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