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Ramadan and Medical Conditions

Fasting during Ramadan is an obligation only for healthy adults but not for pregnant women, those with illness, or those under medication. Ramadan fasting also exempts children under the age of nine (9) and women with monthly periods. Those who go regularly to the gym to exercise, are advised to do so after they break…

A Kabayan Muslim convert observes Ramadan in France

Carmen is a schoolmate from college and I consider it very fortunate to have met her again on SNS. She is married to a Muslim Frenchman, mother of a pretty teenager; Carmen is now called Yasmeen and yes, she is a Muslim convert.

Respect for religion in Kuwait

Islam is the major religion in Kuwait and values of the faith are greatly respected in the Emirate. Any sign of disrespect towards religious beliefs or practices is considered deeply offensive and most often than not, will result in a heavy fine and / or imprisonment. However, all expatriates are allowed to practice other religion…

FLCC celebrates 21st Anniversary

Al Riggae District, Kuwait City: The Filipino Language Christian Congregation (FLCC), an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) Gospel Church held its 21st Anniversary last April 12th, Friday with the theme “Until the Whole World Hears”. Pastor Jopet Alim of the FLCC Worship Ministry and Pastor Jun Simbulan of the FLCC Fellowship Ministry led in organizing the…

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