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A Devotional Journal: Healing with Hope as Life Goes On

Healing with Hope as Life Goes On is a devotional book that is entirely about soothing oneself during the grieving and bereavement process. With the help of daily thoughtful and spiritual words carefully curated to resonate with people of all ages, this companion book is a way for people to ease the pain and make […]

My Diary

My Diary is a plain journal I bought from the PNA office when I renewed my membership ID, It was very handy and the inner print was not that complicated. Though try as I may to write religiously on it, I am forgetful so there are specks of blanks. I usually put stickers on them […]

Create Your Wedding Journal

A Budget Savvy Couple’s Dream Wedding Workbook

21 Create Your Wedding Journal “Be organized.  Get yourself a copy — A Budget Savvy Couple’s Dream Wedding Workbook“   A wedding is a delightful event to be witnessed by all. It is a covenant of two souls promising a “till death to do us part “commitment. Prior to seeing the beautiful bride and nervous […]

Entry No. 1 for My Diary Contest 2016

My Diary Contest 2016 Entry No. 1

It has been a few months passed since My Diary Contest 2016 Making Things Possible was announced here on Diary ni Gracia. I would like to extend my thankfulness to everyone who participated and submitted their entries via email.

Al’s Sojournal

Name: Al P. Manlangit Url Address: http://designerq8.wordpress.com FB:  http://facebook.com/latignalnam Philosophy in life:  Live and let live Tell us something random about yourself. I love to travel and my passion is to see the world from a different point of view on my own terms. Life is too short to be spent on insignificant stuff so […]

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