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KASAL (Para sa ikakasal at mag-asawa)

PULOT GATA Para sa ikakasal at mag-asawa   Kung isa ka na sa sitwasiyong nasa buhay may-asawa o bago pa lang binabalak na pumasok sa pag-aasawa at magpakasal, narito ang iba’t ibang tulang pumapatungkol sa mundo ng buhay may-asawa at sa mga binabalak pa lang ito  na siyang mabubukas sayo upang makita at malaman ang […]

2023 Your Practical Wedding Guide

Practical Wedding Guide

Your Practical Wedding Guide for 2023   This article will help you create and plan your wedding for 2023. Here is the list of blog post for your wedding plans: CHURCH OR CIVIL WEDDING? Wedding Priorities Budgeting Your Dream Wedding Day Wedding Time and Date Wedding Church Venue The Wedding Officiant Wedding Motifs Wedding Reception […]

Beware of Pandemic Protocols

The New Normal in Planning your Wedding

22 Beware of Pandemic Protocols “The New Normal in Planning your Wedding“   Even with planning the events, you have to consider the new normal. The Government of the Philippines have new policies and protocols in helding a extravagant event. Even some of the weddings in 2020 were postponed because of the sudden lockdown. Luckily, […]

Create Your Wedding Journal

A Budget Savvy Couple’s Dream Wedding Workbook

21 Create Your Wedding Journal “Be organized.  Get yourself a copy — A Budget Savvy Couple’s Dream Wedding Workbook“   A wedding is a delightful event to be witnessed by all. It is a covenant of two souls promising a “till death to do us part “commitment. Prior to seeing the beautiful bride and nervous […]

For that Special One

20 For that Special One   As we all know and as we all accept, life is unpredictable. No matter how we plan our lives. God may have other things in store for us. Sa bawat challenges at sa mga dreams natin, there are these people whom we want to share our triumphs with. We […]

Other Wedding Needs

Tiny but Essential Ones

19 Other Wedding Needs “Tiny but Essential Ones“   Now you are nearing the big day! Your gown was chosen along with the other stuff you need. It’s now the chance to check on smaller items you need. These are smaller in size but not in terms of importance. That’s why we should call them […]

Bride’s Beauty Companion

Your Much Needed Beauty Rest and Rejuvenation.

18 Bride’s Beauty Companion “Your Much Needed Beauty Rest and Rejuvenation.“   “You are a beauty! No doubt about it! “ But you would want to look exceptionally beautiful on your wedding day. With months of planning and decision making, it cannot be denied that some brides tend to forget themselves. Just like preparing for […]

Choosing A Wedding Gown

Your Most Valued Piece of Clothing

17 Choose A Wedding Gown “Your Most Valued Piece of Clothing”   The time has come for you, the bride, to get your outfit ready! Like everybody else it is your ultimate dream to wear such a gown. Right? Para sa mga bride na tulad mo, selecting a gown is one thing na ayaw mo […]

Assign People to Help You Out


16 Assign People To Help You Out “Groom + Bride x SUPPORT = A HAPPY WEDDING DAY”   Do you need additional help? As many admit, planning a wedding requires your attention. Sometimes 24 hours seem to be not enough.  This is particularly true if you don’t hire a planner. It’s acceptable to seek help […]

Designing Your Invites

The Best Things in Life are Meant to be Shared

15 Designing Your Invites “The Best Things in Life are Meant to be Shared” -and that includes one’s wedding-   Now, here is among my favorites- designing the invites.  It took me a major u–turn after arranging our seminars and other necessary papers. I was so excited, (not that I am not excited with the […]

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