A Call From Heaven

A message from heaven.

Countless moments in our lives may have changed everything for us. Calamities and accidents are several negative things that we can’t escape from. 112, being the emergency line here in Kuwait, we always thought that we could always be safe, we are confident that the people we call in 112 will come running towards us and put things back into place again. What’s wrong with us is that, sometimes we forget someone. Someone very special and willing to save us in times of trials, and that is God.

God who is always with us is there to guide and keep us together when the worst things happen. Actually, there is no hotline to heaven, no number to call, no waiting, and no operator but there is God who is always ready to answer us.

In times of trouble, being prepared is not enough. We should always possess a keen mind to accept everything and a peace of mind so that we can make accurate decisions. We should also have faith and a time to call God. Even if it we’re not in danger we can call him to say thank you for his blessings, to ask for forgiveness, and for safety, actually there are no limits and boundaries on what we can tell and share to God, he always answers and always listens. He may not talk to you in person but in spirituality, he heals you and gives his blessings in a form we may not actually aware of.

“We are to love God with all our mind as well as our heart (Matthew 22:37).”

In my years being an OFW in Kuwait, I am proof of God answering prayers. What I’ am and what I have now are his blessings. I always thank God for everything because if it’s not for him, I don’t know where I’ am now.

Kabayan, I will always pray for your wellness and please keep your faith in God and heaven. We are safe.





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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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