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This photo was used  in awarding my MOST OUTSTANDING OFW REPUTATION Award Philippines December 07, 2012.

Photo used also as offic ial photo for Philippine Independence Day website for Kuwait.

Gracia Amor in Spanish can literally translate into thank you my love. The personification of which embodies the woman bearing such a name. Strength in character, passion in advocacy and literary, humility beneath a striking aura; all these have been captured in detail by the camera lens as transcribed by the photographer’s keen eye and hands.

Chris Sanan is an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), an Architect by profession but has found his calling to the arts through photography. His eagerness to capture even the slightest detail of his subject results in a vivid description of a story beyond words, a portrait given life


His specializes in portraits, weddings and landscape photography. Chris Sanan’s works do not only solicit gratifying joy from his clients but cognizance as well from several award giving bodies. He gives different workshops to those who are truly interested in the field and are honestly passionate about what they do. He shares his talent with others also through speaking engagements in universities and communities.

During photo shoots, Chris Sanan is not just the photographer; he is the director for each visual story as well. He encourages his model to portray a certain role and he never wavers to give his full support until the concept he has in mind will be absorbed and embodied by the model. His wife Rowena Vergara is a makeup artist and together they make a great team.

“As an OFW blogger here in Kuwait, it was my first time to model for a glamour photo shoot and honestly, I was nervous. But Chris Sanan’s personal touch in his work made things easier for me. He was able to bring out the compelling charm hidden beneath the depths of my inner self”.

Decades will pass and newborn photographers will shine and yet, Chris Sanan, an artist personified, will count on years to stay.

Chris Sanan used  Canon Eos 5d mark II at canon 50 mm f1.2 lens.

Make-up artist:  Ms. Rowena Vergara used Mac cosmetics products.

Hair Stylist: Ms. Kathy of Ocean Salon

The Glamour Shot.

This photo will be used in header of Filipino Middle East  Newspaper to be published Early 2013.

The morning Shot.


You can view most of his award winning and passion-driven photography  at www.chrissanan.com

Also, you can get in touch with him  personally  in his facebook.com/chris.sanan for more information.

Pls watch more  here Chris Sanan interviews 




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24 thoughts on “Experience it with Chris Sanan

  1. Gigi Beleno says:

    He is indeed was able to capture your best moments. Congratulations also to you for bagging the award. Keep it up!

  2. Tess says:

    I was thinking who is the beauty queen in the first photo. you are so pretty and perfect for a photo shoot model.

  3. Francis Balgos says:

    Great portrait and glam shots!
    Great for you own purpose I’d say.
    The photographer does well in DOF,
    something that hard to achieve in Portraits, with white backgrounds

  4. Sky says:

    Aside from the obvious gift of talent in photography, he also bestowed a sophisticated gadget to capture great photos.

  5. Mai Flores says:

    A true professional who is certainly skilled at his craft. I’m sure he will go far, given his tandem with his MUA wife. That is a great combination. 🙂

  6. Alwin says:

    I’m confused. Chris Sanan is the guy on the 2nd photo right? And the rest of the photo is somebody else? haha! forgive me, my eyes and mind immediately focused on the lady thinking she was Chris Sanan.

  7. special education philippines says:

    You look awesome in your pictures. I would never suspect that you felt unsure while having your photoshoot. Anyway, do you think you can put labels on the photo to identify Chris. “Chris” can be either a girl or a boy’s name 😛

  8. farahsharaf says:

    Yes Alwin…Chris Sanan is the guy and the woman one on the top left photo is his beautiful wife Ms. Rowena Vergara. He is indeed a very talented person.

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