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My sincerest gratitude to all Global Filipino Bloggers Slam book - OFW Edition book contributors.
My sincerest gratitude to all Global Filipino Bloggers Slam book – OFW Edition book contributors. (photo credit to Ms. Arod Selaznog)

There were a lot of things on my mind when I started to review the bloggers slam book contributors from Diary ni Gracia and hoping for my first book to be published was at the top of my list back then. I was enthusiastic, maybe idealistic at some point. Reality check, some unfortunate circumstances in life were right before me that needed undivided attention. Some of those I still attend to at this very moment.

It took some time to prepare, process and finalize the Global Filipino Bloggers Slam book – OFW Edition book and along the way, some contributors beg off for some reasons, but others stayed. For fellow blogger slam book participants who believe that despite and in spite of things beyond human control, the book will be published and will be launched, my sincerest gratitude for staying beside me.

I cannot let this moment pass without acknowledging all of you; from the Filipino Bloggers in Kuwait – Aiki Acman, Cyril Mercado, Danilo Jacob Garcia, Erick Mallorca, Evaristus P. Reyes, Everlito Villacruz, Eze Foncardas, Freda Editha O. Contreras, Ivy Laughton, Jhayr Dela Rosa Jr., Karl Rivera, Lyza Pajo, Nad Metalpig, Retech Son, Rowella Carino Soriano.

From bloggers living in different parts of the world, I will never forget your words of encouragement, support and understanding; Alex P. Flores from Qatar, Ana Sarmiento Albesa from UAE, Angela Ricardo from USA, Beverly also from UAE, Duke Guanco Dashiel from KSA, Francis Morilao also from Qatar, Jes Lising also from USA, Jebee Kenji Solis also from KSA, Jyppe Quidores from Brunei, Lord CM Charlie Montemayor from Palau Island, Myla Villanueva Okinari who frequently visits Japan, her second home; Renevic Amago from Singapore, Rosemarie Armenta also from Qatar, Roy Zamora Paran who used to work in the UK, but is now staying for good in the Philippines and Shirley Mandel from Hawaii, USA.

For continuing to believe that blogging is not only a hobby, a past time, but a good channel to help others through vital and relevant information. For making positivism a part of your OFW life and for touching another person’s life. My sincerest gratitude to all of you. God bless us all.


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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor

12 thoughts on “GFB OFW Book Contributors

  1. Avatar
    yancy levi says:

    i salute your writings.its very artistic and inspiring. continue to entertain, inspire, and help ofws. continue blogging

  2. Avatar
    karla says:

    I really love how Filipinos help each other and it seems like you got a lot of willing and eager people to help you out. You are very lucky and blessed.

  3. Avatar
    Aurika says:

    I used to blog just for a past time but later on, I realized that I want to blog to share my experiences and to help other people by sharing informations that I have gathered. Congratulations to you to to the contributors. The book will definitely help a lot of people especially OFWs.

  4. Avatar
    LaineyLovesLife says:

    Congratulations! I read the names and was surprised to see familiar names like Francis Morilao and Alex Flores! Francis and I were members of the same organization in Doha, while I met Alex through an anti-crime/social work group.

    Good luck in all of your future endeavors! 🙂

  5. Avatar
    Anne V says:

    You are indeed blessed to be surrounded with supportive people Pinoy bloggers who helped make your book possible! Kudos to them for helping you!

    • Avatar
      admin says:

      Thank you. While it is true that we can’t please everybody, but still, there will always be fellow bloggers who naturally love to help. God bless.

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