Creating A Master List

“Who Should You Invite?�" />

Creating a Master List

Who Should You Invite?


Creating A Master List

“Who Should You Invite?”


Indeed, a wedding is a big event. But being labeled as such, it doesn’t mean inviting the whole village. As much as couples want to include everyone, it’s quite impossible for most brides and grooms. Most probably the reason is the budget. There are also couples who want to keep it more intimate.

The need to cut down your guest list, requires a mutual discussion from the partners. It may take a significant amount of your time. Indeed, it is a pretty hard call to make.

There are instances na maiisip mo na baka may magtampo. With the kind of culture that we have, us Filipinos being sentimental people and we value relationships a lot, talagang may tendency na humaba at maging bloated ang initial list ninyo. 

Remember: ” We have to cut it down. Being too sentimental will not help you. Especially when it comes to managing your wedding costs. Successful negotiations should be done. So as not to miss out important people in your lives. Then, the question comes. “Who should you invite? “. Another question “Who should you not invite?”

Mahirap bang gawin? Mind bending ba? Siguro mahirap nga lalo na kung ikaw yung“ Miss Congeniality“ type. Pero kailangan ninyong i – finalized ang number of guests. Truth is hindi lagi kaya at hindi lagi na posible ma – invite mo lahat.

Use these tips in order to finalize your guest list.

The essentials to be considered in making your master guests list:

Go back to the budget.

This also means reviewing the ideal number of guests, which can be afforded by the budget. Adding a little more to your extra budget is not the wisest decision. Can you handle it? What is the realistic number of guests that your budget can cater to?

The Division

How many guests including your family members should come from each side? Lady’s first policy isn’t always applicable. It’s a give and take relationship. So, have a seat with your partner and come up with the numbers. If it’s 50/50, it’s a good deal. But if your partner gives more seats for your guests, then indeed you’re very lucky.

Your Relatives

Immediate family members are non – negotiable. This means mom, dad and siblings. You should include your aunts/uncles, and your first cousins husband/wife. Stay on the first line of your family. However, your second cousins whom you don’t have close relationships with may not be included. Don’t worry if you really do not have a tight bond, they wouldn’t mind not being invited.

Your Co – Workers

Actually, you don’t have to invite anyone. Especially, if you don’t have someone as a very close friend. But if you have to choose only those,whom you spend the most time with. Those people you really like the best.

Your Friends

You may have a big circle when talking about this topic. I know how you feel. You may look back and list those from way way back. You might divide your list into elementary, high school and college friends. Believe me with that list, you might already consume all the number of seats. Pick only those that you have constant communication with. Not only that – those who are constantly present in your life. No matter how close you were in the past, people grow apart. You might miss a lot about each other’s life already.

The Boss

A big NO, when the boss had met you just once. It’s another story if you are working directly under him/her. Especially, if your work requires meeting him/her and discussing things on a daily basis. 

People whom your parents or in-laws do not approve of.

It’s your day. Might as well avoid possible causes of tension! Who are these people? Perhaps,  some relatives with whom they have major issues.

There you have it with the master list. Don’t worry too much about people not being able to make it. It’s your wedding and you have the power over it. If people really consider you as their friend, they would understand. Still,  they will be sending you well wishes.



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