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Among the first cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, was founded in 2013 and provides services for trading numerous top digital assets. It is regarded as one of the safest and most reliable cryptocurrency platforms in the world with over 10 million registered users and is consistently listed among the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges based on liquidity and trading volume on CoinGecko. is one of the Best Crypto Exchanges in the UK for September 2022 according to the Blockchain Transparency Institute’s (BTI) market surveillance study.


Beyond its centralized cryptocurrency exchange, has one of the largest selections of crypto assets in addition to other services including decentralized finance, research and analytics, venture capital investing, wallet services, labs, and more.



Variety of cryptocurrencies:


The platform not only offers more than 800 of the most popular cryptocurrencies and more than 1,000 trading cryptocurrency pairs, but it also supports spot trade and margin trade. Additionally, it has broadened its offerings to include a number of other markets for investors, including ETF, Options, Futures, and Derivatives. It serves as a platform mostly for seasoned traders. However, those just starting out with little to no expertise will also benefit from this platform. The daily trading volume reaches around 4.6 Billion which is a very huge amount.



Security System: team is security-savvy – it was rated as one of the top exchanges in terms of cybersecurity by CER. There are multiple ways users can secure their accounts, and the platform has many built-in security mechanisms like Web Application Firewall to deal with illegal intrusions, data tampering and vulnerabilities, all information on the website is sent over an encrypted connection using Transport Layer Security, Cloudflare Firewall Enterprise Edition to detect malicious traffic and attacks, DNS security to prevent hijacking or fraudulent customer communications, etc. In order to ensure that our assets are secure in



Interface and Layout:


The user interface on the platform is simple to use and navigate. The trading platform is really quite amazing. The main menu displays all of the significant categories, making it simple to navigate. These categories include spot or margin trading, borrowing, lending, trading in perpetual contracts, financial services, and wallet summary. It also shows Leaderboards, Strategy Backtesting and we can even create our own strategy. Compared to the Standard interface, the Professional one is smaller. Both user interfaces place a strong emphasis on price action and technical analysis within a sizable chart window, allowing traders to overlay different technical and conventional indicators on the charts.



Guides and Tutorials: is beginner friendly in Copy trading because they can enter copy trading without too much knowledge due to existing guides and it allows to copy strategy from top traders. It also has a ton of tutorials on the website that we can watch to learn more about trading; i.e. Guide to Margin Grid, Guide for Future Grid, Guide to Smart Rebalance etc. The leaderboards also show successful traders in the copy trading section and show their settings allowing us to view, learn and copy their strategy when trading like the most profitable, most copied in the strategy ranking top 10. It also offers trial funds allowing a beginner to try out trading for the first time.



Trading Fees:’s transaction limit is too large, its trading fees are too low, and there are fewer withdrawal fees, which makes it possible to reduce trading and transaction costs. Also depending on how much GateToken (GT), the native cryptocurrency of, you own or how much GT you trade, you could be eligible for a discount. By choosing to pay for your trades using GT, you can further lower your costs. also runs numerous campaigns, events, and learn-to-earn quizzes where beginners can win cash prizes, and it awards certain beginners for their first trade.



Customer Support:


Lastly, offers a comprehensive help center that operates in the background and is accessible to users anytime. Customers can email or use live chat to speak with a customer support representative immediately. Additionally, a dedicated help desk is available 24/7 to assist traders with their needs. There are several publications available that give traders quick answers to their questions. Additionally, the majority of the usual problems users encounter are covered in a separate FAQ section of the website.




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