As a beginner, it’s very common to look for trading tip that can help and guide you through investing, especially if you’re " />

Strategic Trading: Useful Trading Tip for Beginners in 2023

Useful Trading Tip for Beginners in 2023

As a beginner, it’s very common to look for trading tip that can help and guide you through investing, especially if you’re looking forward to long-term trading. Since this is a complex and risky job, I may say it takes a lot of research and learning before you try and test the waters. There are many risks to consider and a lot of knowledge you must learn to prepare for the battle. 

Asking for tips from someone older or someone who already has an experience with the nature of stock trading is a huge help when you’re trying to learn a thing or two. Of course, experience is something that you can’t learn from books.

As long as we can find strategies that will give us a headstart, that would be great. Studying this world may not be as easy as it sounds, but here are some tips that I can offer for beginners in terms of long-term trading.



5 long-term trading tips for beginners in 2023



Trading tip # 1: Organize your finances.

Since the main tool when investing is your money, of course, it’s best to set your finances in order first before setting up a plan to invest so you’ll have an idea of how much money you will or can invest. Start by setting aside some of your money for a reasonable debt management plan, and know that it is crucial to set aside for an emergency fund as well.

Finishing these financial tasks first will ensure that you can use the money you allotted for investing for a long time. Instances, where you have to withdraw your long-term investment may cause some tax implications and prevent you from obtaining profit gains.

Setting an investing goal is also a good idea. Always know why you want to build up your wealth and know how much money you can risk. Is it to pay for your children’s future? Your retirement? Or to save up for your dream home?

It’s a standard rule not to invest the money you will use within the next three to five years, especially if you’re aiming for a long-term investment. Since the stock market can fluctuate over a short period and it’s unpredictable when you will lose or gain, it’s not suggested to use your money that you cannot risk.

Together with this, also consider the fees that you must pay. Fund expense ratios are the annual cost you must pay to run your fund each year. Financial advisory fees are a fee whenever you receive an investment or financial advice on your decision. And lastly, a long-term impact fee.


Trading tip # 2:  Be knowledgeable

Knowing how the world of investing works might give you an advantage in your investing plans. Having enough knowledge to support your strategy will provide it with a higher probability to let you maximize your profit.

For starters, you should know which stocks to avoid. Investing in the right company or stock might ensure your portfolio and will ensure you retain your chance of gaining. 

Some of the stocks you must avoid are:

(1) Rapidly growing companies. It might be tempting to invest in them to build up your wealth faster, but it’s best to build up your portfolio first before stepping into the big game.

(2) Businesses you don’t understand. Do not consider investing if you can’t understand how the company works and what they do. There are many options out there, and you should not settle for something you can’t comprehend.

(3) Penny stocks. These are the company’s stock that trades for less than $5 per share, and these are the stocks that are easily manipulated. Most of the time is part of the pump-and-dump scheme. Investing in them is not a good way and must be avoided.


Another thing is, understanding the stock investment metrics will help you determine if it’s a good or bad business to invest in.

Some basic metrics you must understand are:

(1) Price-to-Earnings Ratio, which is how much the company is worth.

(2) Price-to-Earning Growth Ration is the relationship between the company’s expected growth, the price of the stock, and the earnings generated per share. Lastly,

(3) Payout Ratio is the portion of the company’s earnings given to its shareholders in the form of dividends.



Trading tip # 3:  Create a strategy

Once you have organized your finances and found the best stock to invest in, you should start creating a strategy you will follow on your investing journey. This will narrow down the options and guide you to where to set your assets.

It’s always good to have a guideline that you can follow whenever you lose track. But in reality, you always do what you think is right for you.


Stacy Francis, a well-known financial expert, suggests dividing your long-term investment into three different baskets based on your goal’s target date.

Invest less in your goal with the shortest timeline, and invest more in the goal with the longest timeline. Keep your portfolio invested with only around 50% up to 60% on stocks, and you can invest the rest in bonds. If you’re more of an aggressive investor, 85% up to 90% invested in stocks will be fine.

Let’s say you’ve already devised a well-planned strategy and committed yourself to sticking with it; always check your strategy periodically if you have to make some adjustments.

You can also do the same with your portfolio, ensuring all your allocations are still on target. Observe things that might have changed in your situation too. See if you also have to make an adjustment to your lifestyle to prevent sudden changes with the money you invested.


Trading tip # 4:  Diversify your portfolio

Diversifying your funds will be an advantage for you to have a range of stocks you can own in a fund. Imagine if you invested your funds broadly, you’d own stocks for at least a hundred companies across different industries.

Diversifying your funds and investing in different stocks reduces your risk, which might hurt your portfolio’s overall performance and might also improve your overall returns. Based on what I’ve mentioned earlier, having your funds in different baskets will be an advantage.

Diversifying your funds does not only mean investing in different stocks. You can also invest and spread your funds across various industries. Looking for a “wide moat” might also be an advantage to avoid risks in your investment.

Consider a sustainable competitive advantage in a company you’re investing too, ensuring that competitors will not steal the company’s market share.

Advantages in the “wide moat” can come in many forms. They may be difficult to spot, but these are some common categories you can consider when looking for a company with a sustainable competitive advantage.

(1) Cost advantage. It is when the company can provide a lower product or service price than the competitors.

(2) Network Effect. Since the internet’s popularity, many products or services are offered on the web. More people will be persuaded to use or purchase what the company offers if the product or service becomes valuable.

(3) Intangible Assets are the company’s assets that can protect the company against its competitors. This can be in the form of a brand name, trademark, copyright, goodwill, as well as software. 


Since you’re aiming for a long-term investment, you must develop patience if you want to stay in the game of long-term investment. Avoiding looking at your portfolio might help you to prevent developing emotions that can affect your decisions, especially for beginners who have to practice managing their psychological stock market.

One tip that you can use is setting a schedule when you have to evaluate your portfolio. This way, you will be sticking to the strategy you have created, and it might prevent you from selling out your stock due to impulsive decisions caused by emotions.


If you think that you’re starting to earn from your investments, adding your profited money back into your investment can be a great way to build wealth. However, this technique will require strong saving discipline, which means putting some of your paychecks into the market and budgeting the money left for you. You can adopt this process over time as long as you keep your emotions out of the process.


Trading tip # 5:  Be Confident

Setting yourself up for success by gaining confidence with all the preparation you have done might be complicated and tricky. You can start by looking for educational tools, investment research, seminars, or workshops that can help you start your career in investing or guide you all the way through the path you’re planning to take.

Being confident means, you have prepared for all the possibilities you might face, and are knowledgeable and ready for it. Being confident also means allotting a space for mistakes or unexpected outcomes where you can assess these things using the knowledge you have gained over the past studies that you made and starting over with new information you just learned thanks to the mistake you have committed.





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