Dear Ms. Gracie,

Ms. Gracie Lamprea: Embracing a Positive Spirit

Ms. Gracie Letter of Appreciation

Dear Ms. Gracie,

Your determination and perseverance have been evident throughout your journey, intertwined with your deep passion for nursing and dance. Your narrative is impactful not only within the Filipino community but also transcends boundaries, motivating others with your steadfast determination and commitment. As you face this challenges with poise and bravery, your influence through ZPablik and beyond remains a shining symbol of hope and motivation for all of us.

Embracing Passion and Purpose

Ms. Grace Lamprea, renowned for her dedication and perseverance, has embarked on an extraordinary path by merging her career as a nurse with her love for dance. Coming from humble beginnings, Ms. Gracie’s narrative reflects unwavering determination and a profound affection for both family and community. Her venture into the nursing realm originated from a childhood passion for dance, fostered by her mother’s support in pursuing ballet and dance classes. This early enthusiasm not only cultivated her affection for movement but also ingrained in her a sense of duty to care for others.  

A Nursing Journey Across Borders

Ms. Grace left her familiar home comforts in the Philippines and began a journey that brought her to Kuwait, where she currently works as an Operating Room Nurse at Al Sabah Hospital. Her choice to work overseas was motivated by her desire to secure a better future for her family—a journey characterized by sacrifices, missed birthdays, and holidays celebrated far from home. Despite the difficulties, Ms. Grace’s strong commitment to her profession and her ability to remain resilient in the face of challenges demonstrate her heroic spirit.  

The Birth of ZPablik: Promoting Wellness Through Dance

ZPabalik, Zumba Class
ZPabalik, where every sweat is worth it!

Ms. Grace’s enthusiasm for dancing led to the establishment of ZPablik in 2016—a Zumba group with the goal of promoting health and unity within the Filipino community in Kuwait. What started as a leisure pursuit quickly transformed into a source of encouragement and assistance for many. Through ZPablik, Ms. Gracie and her team not only nurtured a passion for dance but also directed their energies towards charitable projects that have had a substantial impact.  

Spreading Joy and Making a Difference

Under Ms. Gracie’s guidance, ZPablik evolved beyond being solely a dance group; it transformed into a platform for making a difference in the community. From arranging Zumba-for-a-cause gatherings to backing numerous charitable initiatives, including providing assistance to Filipinos in Kuwait battling cancer, Ms. Gracie’s vision and leadership have positively impacted numerous lives. Her capacity to motivate others through dance, while also making meaningful contributions to causes dear to her heart, showcases her uplifting spirit and resolute dedication to serving others.  

The ZPablik Legacy

As ZPablik marks its seventh anniversary, it serves as a testament to Ms. Grace’s support and the united strength of its members. Through teamwork and perseverance, they have conquered challenges, broadened their influence, and consistently made an impact. Her journey serves as a powerful reminder of the influence of passion, determination, and community spirit in effecting lasting change.  

Support and Hope: ZPablik’s Zumba Program

Zumba for a cause for Teacher Gracie
Zumba For A Cause for Teacher Gracie

The Main Officers of TSOK (Teachers Specialists Organization in Kuwait) are currently teamed with Ms. Gracie and the ZPablik community to support Teacher Mary Grace Narido through the ZPablik Zumba program, which aims to raise money for her as she fights cancer. This effort not only assists Teacher Grace during a difficult period but also highlights the unity and backing she has fostered within the community.

TSOK teams up with ZPablik
TSOK teams up with ZPablik for the Zumba for a Cause “Dance Together, Stand Together” (© Teachers/Specialist Organization In Kuwait)

Reflecting on Ms. Grace Lamprea’s Inspiring Journey

Ms. Gracie, your journey as a nurse, dancer, and community leader embodies the essence of resilience and compassion. Your positive spirit and unwavering dedication to making a difference serve as a beacon of inspiration to all. I am grateful to have the privilege of knowing you. As we celebrate your remarkable achievements and profound contributions, your story reminds us of the transformative power of passion and community in shaping a brighter future for everyone.

With admiration and heartfelt gratitude,

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