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Global Filipino Blogger

Global Filipino Blogger Leaving the country and detachment from families are no longer strong reasons for Filipinos not to live and work overseas. With the good working opportunities in other lands, many Filipinos are now motivated to secure a handsome job abroad. With this means, they can help their families in the Philippines though there […]

Diary ni Gracia’s Year 2016, in summary

Tagaytay City

  The first half of the year, from January to June has been a series of Filipino Community events participation and attendance to different organizations, whose officers and members held team building activities and noteworthy causes like gift giving and feeding programs to distressed OFWs at Philippine Embassy’s Hateen Shelter. In early July, I came […]

Blogging Tutorial 1

  Hello dear audience. I hope everything is fine. I would like to share with you this tutorial on blogging, definitely made easier for you to understand and to follow through. Although I loved to write since I was young, starting with insufficient experience about blogging, gave a not so easy start back then. But […]


Even though  I’ve been in Kuwait for several years, in many ways I’m still a hopeful romantic  at heart. My writing raised me, my being an OFW and blogger in a life full of compassion. I was already born when this love story started and I think it’s one I have watched play out some […]

Hopeful Project: Free Books about Blogging

I am an OFW blogger here in Kuwait and whatever life throws at me, I hold on to my Faith, work hard for my family, try to grow as an individual and within the Filipino community as well.

Vice Consul Shiena Tesorero shares her time with us

I have always admired women who handle important positions in the community and yet, they still manage to show concern for ordinary folks. Vice Consul Shiena Tesorero is one of those women who are busy with Herculean duties and responsibilities but can still take time to attend invitations sent to her. Madam Vice Consul, thank […]

Reasons for writing GFB OFW Book

Writing has always been my innate inclination since my high school days and being an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) gave me the chance to join forum since 2010. A year after, I was able to have my own website – more of an online journal of my expat life.

Dreams Do Come True

Dreams do come true…but only with hard work, patience, determination and the most important of all – Faith in the Almighty so He will direct your ways. The long wait is over for one my dreams coming true; to see my first book published. After years of preparation, The Global Filipino Bloggers Slambook OFW Edition […]

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