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Rawan Al Salmiya Ladies Beauty Salon

Madam Farida Al Halimi is the owner / manager of Rawan Al Salmiya Ladies Beauty Salon. Her expertise in beauty culture has made her a favorite among expats here in Kuwait. Her diverse clientele keep coming back  because they are truly satisfied with her skills.

In the presence of His Excellency

To Sir Ambassador, your Excellency, I would like to thank you for the message you wrote on The Global Filipino Bloggers Slam book – OFW Edition. It was not only to send your felicitations to us but to express the importance of reading traditional materials for the longest time, even in today’s advancement of technology […]

Disrupted Peace

It’s the first time in years of my stay here in Kuwait that I felt alarmed because of Friday prayers‘ suicide bombing at the mosque. How unfortunate to realize the truth – in a house of prayer, a place that silence means reverence, someone intended to shake the foundation of faith.

Made In Kuwait

Getting To Know Kuwait Located in the North-East corner of the Arabian Peninsula and at the Northern end of the Persian Gulf, South of Iraq lies the beautiful country of Kuwait.

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