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Unload excess baggage and rest

How many times have you felt very tired because of work, family problems, health problems or relationship issues?


Peace seems to be an elusive situation in life. Countries at war with one another, places divided among themselves, communities seeking first rank against each other and many other things.


Do you feel tired searching and reaching for your dream? Or if you have one dream and you focus on making it a reality despite and in spite of the struggles you face, but still, it seems not to be going the way you planned it would be, are you getting frustrated?

More than my Emcee task

A special group of women recently celebrated their First Founding Anniversary. It marked a year of giving, sharing, caring for the sick – the noble task of charity. The Ilokana Women’s Organization in Kuwait (IWOK) have taken upon themselves the mission to serve others in the best way they could. Invited to be the Emcee […]

A New Book to be written

It is the New Year and as I grow older, but with more lessons learned.                                       New Year as a new beginning and never to forget my major purpose and projects that have been carried over from […]

A Special Time with the Ladies

  It is common for an OFW Blogger like me to receive invites from different Filipino organizations to grace and attend their events and recently, two organizations held a joint Thanksgiving party – Ilokana Women’s Organization in Kuwait (IWOK) and Kuwait Filipino Mothers Organization (KFMO).   Giving respect to the National Anthem of Kuwait and […]

A Special Christmas Party 2015 with PSME Kuwait

  December 10, 2015 – Sunrise Restaurant & Catering Services. It has been quite some time now when I first met some leaders of the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers – Kuwait Chapter (PSME Kuwait) and I could honestly say that I’ve  been a very supportive on their projects and advocacies. PSME Kuwait appreciates the […]

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