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Retirement Investment for OFWs

Retirement Investment feature photo -diarynigracia

Planning for Your (OFW) Retirement   It’s vital to have a strategy for your retirement, whether you intend to retire abroad or return to the Philippines after you resign. After working abroad, many OFWs return home to the Philippines to spend time with their relatives. You are free to follow suit or choose something different….

Best Retirement Plan Fund in the Philippines

Best Retirement Plan Fund in the Philippines feature photo -diarynigracia

Top Plans for Your Retirement   More than seven million retirees lack the resources to meet their retirement obligations because just 20% of Filipino seniors receive either an SSS or GSIS pension. Even though it’s simple to overlook retirement while you’re a young adult, everyone should be prepared for it. This is where retirement planning…

Top 20 Best Philippine Provinces

Top 20 Best Philippine Provinces

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) like me and the rest have roots in the Philippines. We have our family homes wherein our best childhood memories are kept. But if I were to save enough and buy a dream vacation house, I would consider one of the top 20 best Philippine provinces. For those who are set…

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