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You’ve chosen a franchise opportunity that is a wonderful fit for you, so there. The next thing you should do is figure out how much startup funding you will require. You must be sure to accurately assess your initial franchise investment because it is a crucial aspect. Running out of money before the endeavor makes a profit is the main reason new businesses fail.


How do I determine the initial franchise investment cost is a frequent question from the clients. In the end, a variety of factors affect the franchise costs that franchise businesses demand. Some franchisors commit the error of basing their franchise price only on what their rivals demand. Although it might initially seem like a sound plan of action, not all franchise systems are made equal.

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There is just one solution if you want to get control over your finances: create a budget. To do that, you must determine what is coming in and what is leaving each and every month before the month even starts.


Additionally, it is not a one-time thing. You must develop and maintain a budgeting habit for the rest of your life!



Determining the Initial franchise fee

Although early franchise fees might boost a company’s cash flow and aid in sustaining the company’s initial growth, they should not be the deciding considerations when determining the initial franchise cost, it is crucial to keep this in mind. Regarding the long-term viability of the franchise business, the income from royalty fees and the income from the sale of goods and/or services to Franchisees should be the main sources of income. Franchise owners that try to make a killing off the initial franchise charge may discover that they are deterring qualified applicants from looking past the fee.


The initial franchise price may seem to a potential Franchisee to be predicated on a “put it out there and see if it sticks” approach because franchise fees vary greatly, even among franchise companies of comparable types. Potential Franchisees can more readily justify and comprehend the franchise price when it is appropriately set based on a careful analysis of the particular variables covered in this article.


Finding the right franchise fee (and other fees) that balance the financial needs of the Franchisor with the needs of the Franchisee in relation to the overall initial franchise investment is one of the development steps we go through when supporting our customers in franchising their businesses. We accomplish this by taking into account the following number of various factors.



Initial factors to consider when calculating the franchise fee

  • the company model’s complexity and originality;
  • the franchise business’s potential ROI and profitability;
  • early coaching and assistance provided by the franchisor to franchisees;
  • expenditures and fees incurred by the franchisor during the process of acquiring and awarding a franchise; and
  • demand anticipated for the franchise opportunity.


Additionally, a franchisor may decide to include all or some of the following fees and expenses when calculating the first franchise fee:


  • An allocation of all costs and expenses incurred during the franchise operation’s development.
  • a budget allocation for the expenditures and expenses related to creating franchise marketing and advertising materials.
  • Franchise sales charges, such as commissions, and other associated costs (i.e. personnel costs).
  • Charges for the Franchisor’s on-site assistance before and/or during the Franchisee’s big opening period.
  • Other tangible expenses (such as training materials, supplies, or equipment) incurred by the franchisor in starting a new franchise if these expenses are covered by the initial franchise fee.


As was already said, the initial franchisee fee could also be in part determined by the franchise business’s prospective ROI and profitability. However, only franchisors that have made the necessary disclosures in ITEM 19 of the Franchise Disclosure Document (“Financial Performance Representations”) may disclose this information with potential franchisees. Franchisees may choose to disclose specific elements of their financial performance to potential Franchisees during the due diligence process for Franchisors who do not make Financial Performance Representations. In either scenario, it gets much simpler for a potential franchisee to assess the financial performance of the franchise firm in relation to the initial franchise price and the overall franchise investment as the number of franchises rises.



What percentage of the franchise fee does a typical franchisor “net” on average

This will vary significantly depending on the previous cost and expense aspects. Additionally, in order to lower the initial investment required for a Franchisee, some franchisors decide to “break even” on the franchise fee. Other franchisors might even decide to “lose” money on the first franchise price since they know they will more than recover their costs through ongoing royalties collected from a profitable franchisee.


After deducting all costs and expenses related to the award of a franchise, it is fairly uncommon for a franchisor to “net” 25% or more of the initial franchise price. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that a portion of the franchise fee typically consists of the Franchisor recovering some costs that were previously incurred, such as those related to the development of the franchise operation and the creation of advertising and marketing materials for the franchise. This frequently means that when these additional expenses are included as an element of the franchise charge, the net cash flow created from the initial franchise fee may be significantly higher than the net profit. The net profit made from the original franchise price, however, plainly rises when more franchises are issued and these development costs and expenses are fully recouped.


In the end, figuring out the initial franchise price involves both art and science. Franchisors should carefully consider the aforementioned elements in relation to their business model and franchise program when determining the initial franchise price. By doing this, you can make sure that the initial franchise cost is reasonable for both the franchisor and the franchisee and won’t prevent the business from expanding.




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