Miss Dahlia Pascual LPT

In the realm of education, there are individuals who stand" />

Trailblazing Leadership: Miss Dahlia Pascual’s Impact on Filipino Education and Advocacy


“Teaching is a dance of knowledge and inspiration.”

Miss Dahlia Pascual LPT

In the realm of education, there are individuals who stand out for their unwavering dedication and profound impact on the lives of students. Dahlia S. Pascual is one such luminary, a beacon in the field of special education, whose journey is marked by excellence and a passion for fostering inclusive learning environments.

A Specialized Touch in Kuwait:

Dahlia’s professional voyage took flight as a special education teacher in the Autistic department at the Ideal Education School in Kuwait. Not only did she excel in the role of a dedicated educator, but she also assumed leadership responsibilities as the department head coordinator and head of the autism curriculum committee. Her time at the school became a testament to her commitment to shaping specialized education experiences for students with diverse needs.

Further Expertise at Khalifa School:

Her quest to enhance her skills led Dahlia to Khalifa School, where she focused on teaching pupils with autism, slow learners, attention deficit disorder, and Down syndrome. This phase of her career illuminated her ability to adapt and tailor her teaching methods to cater to a spectrum of learning styles. Dahlia’s impact extended beyond the classroom, as she became a vital contributor to the administrative side of education, serving as the school secretary at the Kuwait Cultural Center’s Music School in Salwa.

A Maestro of Education and Administration:

Her tenure as school secretary not only showcased her administrative prowess but also highlighted her involvement in organizing events such as violin concerts and ballet performances. Dahlia’s multifaceted approach to education encompassed not just the curriculum but also the extracurricular, enriching the overall educational experience for her students.

Global Teaching Endeavors:

Dahlia’s educational journey transcended borders as she imparted her knowledge at St. Joseph’s School in San Jose, teaching pupils in grades IV through VI. Her versatility shone through as she assumed the role of an English teacher for an advisory class in Grade VI. Her teaching canvas expanded further as she served as a substitute teacher at San Jose West Central School in Nueva Ecija, Philippines, and as a classroom teacher at Magsaysay Memorial College in Tacurong, Sultan Kudarat.

Innovator and Leader:

Beyond the confines of the classroom, Dahlia is the visionary creator of TSOK (Teacher Specialist Organization of Kuwait), where she currently serves as the Vice President. This organization stands as a testament to her commitment to professional development and creating a supportive community for educators.

National Board for Teacher Recognition:

Dahlia’s dedication to her craft reached new heights with the successful completion of the National Board for Teachers evaluation. This recognition further solidifies her standing as a consummate professional dedicated to continuous growth and excellence.



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