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Schedule Seminars Part 2

Beyond the Physical

13.2 THE PRE-CANA “Beyond the Physical”   Seminars are prerequisites in any wedding. Certificates of attendance are among the documents na kailangan when applying for your wedding licenses. These seminars include Pre-Cana, family planning and responsible parenthood. These pre-marriage counseling are usually done in the church, by the DSWD or in the city health office. […]

Schedule Seminars Part 1

Canonical Interview

13.1 Schedule Seminars Part 1 “Canonical Interview”   This interview is done to validate the couple’s desire to marry, their idea of marriage and how they will face certain circumstances involving their partner. Also, to determine possible hindrances in the coming wedding. It is also termed as Pre–Nuptial interview. This is an initial inquiry by […]

Apply For Wedding Licenses

The Paper Works

12 Apply For Wedding Licenses “The Paper Works“   Wedding Licenses These are legal requirements for getting married. A great portion of your time shall be spent to process this document. Mararamdaman mo na yung feeling na – “Welcome to the world of adults and responsibilities. Although, you admit that you’re of legal age already. […]

Wedding Fairs

To Attend or Not To Attend?

11 Wedding Fairs “To Attend or Not To Attend?”   With all those things going on for your wedding, the hectic schedule and the abundance of advice, you might feel exhausted already. Yes, nandoon pa din ang excitement. Pero there are times nararamdaman mo na yung feeling na gusto mo stop muna. O kaya naiisip […]

Wedding Planner/ Wedding Coordinator

To hire or not to hire them?

10 Wedding Planner/ Wedding Coordinator “To hire or not to hire them?”   “A GO OR A NO…hmmmm?” This is one of the ultimate questions for the bride and groom. Should you contact and hire someone to be your wedding planner or wedding coordinator? Basically, if you are to have a civil wedding with only […]

Ocular Visit of the Venue

Expectations vs Realities

9 Have an Ocular Visit of the Venue CROSS CHECK “Expectations vs Realities”   As you journey towards the big day, you pretty much have a lot of choices regarding your wedding. These options include your wedding ceremony venue, the invites, the décor, number of guests and the reception etc. For your wedding venue, here […]

Wedding Reception

Where the Celebrations Happen

8 #WeddingReception “Where the Celebrations Happen“    √ Motif selection The next stage is finding the place for your wedding reception. Yes, it can be another stressful activity. But with proper planning and enough level of  patience, you can find the perfect spot for your big day. You must be very hands on about your […]

Wedding Motifs

Choice of Colors for Your Wedding

7 #Motifs “Choice of Colors for Your Wedding”   When you imagine what your wedding looks like, of course you think of colors which are vibrant. You look for colors that can give a corresponding shot out, about how you feel during your wedding day.   Perhaps, you don’t like to select a dull or dim […]

The Wedding Officiant

A Person to Celebrate the Ceremony

6 #TheOfficiant A Person to Celebrate the Ceremony “Therefore, what God has joined together, Let no one separate.” Mark 10:19   “Let us not forget, an officiant represents God during your marriage particularly in a religious wedding ceremony.” The officiant – (noun) a person commonly a minister or a priest who performs religious ceremony or […]

Wedding Church Venue

Where the Wedding Bells Ring

5 #ChurchVenue Where the Wedding Bells Ring “The perfect spot for your big day.”   Selecting a church is such a personal task. A couple should get married, not just in any church. Marriage is a momentous and a very sacred sacrament. It’s right to pick a special venue. Many decisions should be made not […]

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