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A Spring in the desert

The years here in Kuwait have generally been kind to me, at least, that is what I want to think. That is how I want to look at my life here. It has not always been easy but I sure have been the given the chance to live and go on with a bit more […]

Happy Birthday to a Quintessential Woman…

One of the most gratifying aspect of blogging is that you get to meet different kinds of people online; when you both have the chance and time to see each other in person, before you both know it, the natural element that defines friendship is there.

Beach Clean Up at Salmiya

Since the State of Kuwait is believed to be a fortress built near water, beach front residences and establishments are a very common sight here. Sometimes, progress can lead to pollutants in our important bodies of water. The same also goes here in Kuwait.

My birthday greeting from my heart to yours..

      As we go about our way in this world, we meet different kinds of people. Some pass you by the moment, while others are here to stay.   Life has not always been too easy for me here in Kuwait, as an Overseas Filipino Worker-Blogger. There were unexpected and abrupt hits and […]


Diary ni Gracia OFW Advocacy  Case in Kuwait for March 2013 Post about OFW advocacy or case in Kuwait for our fellow Filipinos who are in need of direct assistance, aid, crisis response, or any other kind of support by Diary Ni Gracia. Date:  March 18, 2013 Case in Kuwait Number 3: Visa JM Garcia: Good […]

Maligayang Kaarawan, Kaibigan!

A gentleman who knows how to do quite a number of things wholeheartedly; work, holiday and membership to organizations like Filipino Bloggers in Kuwait that is how to describe Robert Bulquiren. Like most, if not all Overseas Filipino Workers here in Kuwait and all over the world, Robert’s love for his family back home in […]

What is Kuwait National Holiday 2013?

February 24th – The following two days (February 25th and 26th) will spell big celebration here in the State of Kuwait. 25th February will be the 52nd Anniversary of the Independence Day from the British Rule, while 26th February marks the Liberation of Kuwait from the 1991 Gulf invasion by Iraq.

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