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Catch That Story…part two

He was 2nd born of 5, in their family. His older sister, by 3 years was already working as a teacher in Daet. Due to scarcity of teachers, even graduates of high schools were recruited. His father had good means of livelihood, being administrator / secretary in the local Catholic Church. They owned some rice […]

Catch That Story…

“I almost lost this story. Good thing, I caught it in time, even if partially.” This particular story is about the young love episode that occurred in 1929 to 1931 in the Philippines between two people in their late teens. After a short courtship and whirlwind romance, they married quite so young that one is […]

A wise mom named Rowella

Name: Rowella Carino-Soriano Url Address: wisemummy81 FB: rowella carino soriano Philosophy in life: There’s no harm in trying because there’s magic in believing. ABOUT YOUR BLOG 1. How, When and Why did you get into blogging industry? How: not sure how, I just decided to write for my own benefit (that’s when I was just starting) When: […]

Reminiscing part of my younger life..

  I have always believed that affection, particularly love, must be given everyday, even in the simplest gesture. This may be love for our family, for our friends. It doesn’t always have to be romantic love.

Visiting Tacloban City

December 19th to 21st was my scheduled trip to Tacloban City, considered the highly urbanized place in the Visayas region and quite historical too as the Leyte Landing Memorial of Gen. Douglas McArthur, one of the most important persons in our history.

My MRT ride..

Living in Kuwait for the past several years made me get used to its transport system and wide roads. Shuttling from one place to another comes like a breeze because the bus is not crowded at all and upon looking at the window, the open spaces refresh my tired eyes.

Dear Diary..

Dear Diary, 2011 went very well making me very grateful. Moreover, I was especially pleased to see that my blogging career accomplished its goals. Receiving different nominee categories in Blog competitions and winning Best in Advocacy Award from Philippine Expats Blog Award (PEBA) 2011, I really felt that God handed me a key  of discovering serendipitous life […]

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